Renata Sorrah puts on a bikini photo and gets compliments from Vera Fischer: ‘Beautiful thing’


Renata Sorrah surprised fans, and famous friends, by publishing a photo of her youth in a bikini. The 74-year-old actress appears in the image by the pool and smiling. The memory earned praise from colleague Vera Fischer. “Most beautiful thing,” wrote the artist in the comment.

The old photo, published as a “tbt out of day”, by Renata Sorrah was successful on Instagram and earned more than 25 thousand likes. “Also and root. Out of day. I wish you all a great weekend. A huge kiss!”, She wrote in the caption.

In the comments, several famous friends praised the beauty of the actress. “Linda! Gata until today”, wrote Marcos Veras. “Ah, how beautiful”, registered Deborah Evelyn. “Bela”, included Dira Paes.

In addition to the sympathetic message to the followers, the actress took the opportunity to ask people to continue following the protocols so that the pandemic will end soon.

“Please take care! We will continue to maintain all protocols. Let’s hope that the vaccine reaches all of us as soon as possible. Take care!” See the post below:

In March, Sorrah received the vaccine against Covid-19 and shared the moment. “Thank God! Long live you [profissionais da saúde]! Incredible, congratulations to you all. Long live SUS! “, Celebrated the actress at the time.

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