Renata Vasconcellos reveals if it is possible to go to the bathroom during Jornal Nacional – Prime Time Zone


Presenter revealed trivia about the newspaper’s backstage and answered questions on Instagram

Reproduction/Globe/20.05.2021Renata Vasconcellos presents JN alongside William Bonner

the presenter Renata Vasconcellos killed viewers’ curiosity and answered behind-the-scenes questions. National Newspaper in a video posted on Instagram. What if I feel like going to the bathroom in the middle of the show? Do you have time? The journalist said it is possible, but only if it is an emergency. “But drink water all the time,” he replied. Renata also revealed what the presenters are talking about during the opening of the newspaper. “At the opening we are super focused, normally we don’t talk. At most something like, ‘I start’, ‘you start’, ’10 seconds’, ‘good newspaper’”, he explained. Asked about her musical taste, the presenter said she is eclectic, but mentioned MBP, traditional country music and classical music as her favorite genres.