Replay of seven: In what year was the soap opera Pega Pega na Globo?


A new rerun of seven o’clock, Pega Pega aired for the first time in January 2017. In its original screening, the plot starring Camila Queiroz and Mateus Solano took the place of Rock Story (2016).

The folhetim was the first solo work by the author Claudia Souto. The novelist has been at Globo for almost three decades and has collaborated in soap operas known by the public, such as: Sete Pecados (2007), Caras e Bocas (2009), Morde e Assopra (2011) and Alto Astral (2014).

The screenwriter decided to tell part of her story in the first title as lead author. Pega Pega is set in the neighborhood of Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro, and some used locations were important places for its trajectory.

“This telenovela is very much me, because as it was my first telenovela I wanted to be very close to things I knew. It is set in Tijuca, where I was born,” said Claudia, in an interview sent by Globo to the press.

The plot tells the story of the safe robbery of the fictional Carioca Palace hotel. Employees discover that Pedrinho (Marcos Caruso) will sell his business and create a strategy to pilfer the owner.

“Thieves come up with the plan in the square where I used to play as a child. The school where I studied is still there, even the actors went to the school during the recordings to talk to the children”, recalled the author.

The telenovela was shown until January 2018 and had 198 chapters. The theme song was by the band Skank who covered the Beatles’ Hard Day’s Night.

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