Reporter freaked out by bizarre car accident live on TV; see video


The live broadcast WRSp, affiliated with Fox News in Illinois, United States, showed a live accident, which occurred last week, and which went viral this Tuesday (4). Reporter Jakob Emerson was speaking to the TV news channel across Lake Springfield when a pickup truck was partially submerged.

The journalist reported on a project to build a second artificial lake in the region and was startled when told that a pickup truck had slipped behind him.

In a matter of seconds, the vehicle backed up and entered Lake Springfield. According to Fox News, the GMC Sierra pickup was currently driverless.

Jakob shared the video of the unusual moment on his Twitter profile and wrote: “An entire truck sinking into Lake Springfield just as I was finishing my 6 pm live. Happy Thursday.”

Sangamon County Emergency Management Office Director Bill Lee explained that the ramp on which the car was parked was covered in a slippery layer of seaweed, which caused the truck to “back up” and fall into the lake.

“It’s always better to park at the top of the ramp and go down and walk down the ramp to see if the thick algae are there and they get really slippery.”

Watch the video below: