Rico revolts with a sign from the stall in A Fazenda 13: ‘How am I going to wash my ass?’


Rico Melquiades was revolted by the signal to go to the bay in A Fazenda 13. The former MTV was talking about voting strategies for the formation of the swidden this Tuesday (5) when the warning sounded for the quartet to come down . “How am I supposed to wash my ass?” he shouted indignantly.

“Guys, this is wrong!” he exclaimed as he threw the blanket angrily on the sofa. The man from Alagoas had not yet showered, but even before the signal he could not use the head office’s shower, as access is prohibited to residents of the bay.

The digital influencer came down alongside Aline Mineiro, Tiago Piquilo and Victor Pecoraro. Annoyed, he said he was going to take a cold shower. “Friend, if I run my finger up my ass and eye, I go blind. I’m rotten without taking a shower,” he confided to the ex-panicat.

Rico started to fill buckets of water in the well to take a shower outside the stall. Aline, who was enjoying the scene, called other pedestrians to follow along. “Watch his show taking a bath in this water,” she invited.

Sthe Matos, Valentina Francavilla and Dynho Alves got together at the fence so as not to miss the show. “What a cat bath, wash these cocks right,” joked the funkeiro. Realizing that Rico was having trouble washing his back, Aline offered to help.

“Migo, let me splash water on your little butt,” he joked. “She’s going to see his well,” Dynho warned. “His rock bottom,” added Sthefane. Then the ex-panicat confessed that she would go to sleep without a bath anyway. “Want my water? Since you didn’t wash the ‘parakeet’ today,” offered Rico. “No, I had a tissue shower today,” Aline warned.

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Where to watch The Farm 13?

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The platform offers 14 days of free use for those who have never subscribed to the service. After this period, the user starts to pay R$ 15.90 per month. In addition to the nine cameras and full episodes of A Fazenda 13, Record’s streaming offers soap operas, series, newscasts and programs shown on the station.

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