Rico shocks pedestrians by delegating functions in ‘A Fazenda 13’: ‘Complains to the direction’ – Prime Time Zone


Farmer provoked Victor Pecoraro saying that he doesn’t have back pain in tests to earn money and irritated Tati Quebra Barraco by saying that she only eats and sleeps

Reproduction/Record/07.10.2021Rico is the farmer of the week and has delegated the functions of the pawns in ‘The Farm 13’

Rico Melquiades he won the Farmer’s Test that took place on Wednesday night, 6, and managed to get rid of the farm. The influencer was nominated by Gui Araújo, who won the farmer’s hat last week. This Thursday morning, 7 Rico delegated what each pawn will do until next Thursday and decided to get revenge on the participants who had already voted for him. “As you know and it’s nothing new, I’m the farmer of the week”, she joked. “Let’s get the important and simple information. First, I’m the farmer and I’ll delegate the functions to each one, if you don’t like it, complain to the management. Second, I’m not anyone’s babysitter, if you don’t know what to do with the animal, ask who has already done it.”

The farmer started the distribution of tasks by the cow. “Victor [Pecoraro] she complained all week that she had a pain in her back to do her homework, but when it came to doing activities to earn money and prizes, this pain disappeared. So, if this pain goes away, he will have to start his little work on the cow”, said Rico, who also chose erasmus to share this role with the actor. “Now let’s go to a little person who only eats and sleeps: Solange [Gomes]. She said she’s going to put her hand in my face, so if she has the strength to put her hand in my face, she’ll have to have the strength to take care of the horse”, said Rico.

After the Farmer’s Test, Tati Breaks Shack, one of the influencer’s enemies in the house, warned that if she was placed to take care of the horn cow, she would not perform the task and everyone would receive punishment. When he went to announce which animal the funkeira was going to take care of, Rico was in suspense and irritated the singer. “Another person who eats and sleeps is Tati Quebra Barraco. I’m not that bad, I’ll put you in the sheep.” Tati then said: “You are not the owner of the Farm”. The influencer countered: “But here I am the owner. Want to earn R$1.5 million easy? They will have to sweat to work”. The farmer continued delegating the functions: “The cow and the poultry are the most difficult to do, so I’ll put the boring one MC Gui in birds”. Gui Araújo was left with the horn cow, Marina with the gardens and plants, Lary with the pigs and Aline with the garbage. After finishing the distribution of tasks, Rico justified himself: “I’m not proud, I just wanted to put the people who vote for me to work”.