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Rio Police ask for arrest of MC Poze, BL’s Negão and more involved in funk dances in the pandemic – Prime Time Zone


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Events that caused agglomerations took place in Rio communities with the support of criminals

Playback / Instagram / mcpozedorodo / mcnegaodabl / 02.03.2021Singers MC Poze and MC Negão from BL participated in funk balls in the pandemic and could be arrested

MC Pictures, MC Negão da BL e DJ Markinho do Jaca are some of the artists that are being sought by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro for the involvement and participation of funk dances during the carnival holiday that came to be canceled to avoid agglomerations due to the pandemic of Covid-19. In a note sent to Young pan, the State Secretariat of Civil Police (Sepol) informed that the precautionary arrest of 14 involved in the events that took place in the communities of Jacaré, in Jacarezinho, was requested; Pedreira, in Costa Barros; Acari, in the Acari neighborhood; and Castelar, in Belford Roxo, in the Baixada Fluminense. The accused did not comply with the decrees that prohibit the holding of events in the presence of the public to avoid agglomerations.

The police reached those responsible for the events through a task force organized by the General Department of Specialized Police (DGPE), which included agents from the Police Crimes Enforcement Office (DRCI) and the Drug Combat Police Station ( DCOD). According to the investigations, the events “Carnaval do Jaca”, “Pedra Folia”, “Acari Folia” and “Baile do Castelar Especial de Carnaval” took place because they had the support of criminal groups that control the communities. The dances started around 10 pm and went until 7 am the next day and, due to the crowding caused, the police understand that these events have left local residents exposed to the risk of contamination from the disease that continues to cause countless victims. See the list of nominees by the police:

Event: Jaca Carnival – Jacarezinho Community

  • Marcos Almeida da Costa – DJ Markinho do Jaca
  • Leonardo Helcias Andrade Cardoso – “Leo”
  • Denílson Rodrigues Ferreira – DJ Denilson do Chapadão
  • Adriano de Souza Freitas – aka “Chico Bento”, leader of the local drug trafficking ring

Event: Pedra Folia – Pedreira Community

  • Luiz Cedro da Silva Junior – “Junior”
  • André dos Santos Saraiva – DJ Andrezinho da Divisa
  • Rodrigo Santos Silva – DJ RD San
  • Rene de Freitas Lopes Araujo – aka “Coelho da Pedreira”, leader of the local drug trafficking ring

Event: Acari Folia – Acari Community

  • Mateus Bento de Souza – “Negão da BL”
  • Gerson Rezende Sampaio e Silva
  • Alexsander Mesmer Fernandes – aka “Formigão”, leader of the local drug trafficking ring

Event: Carnival Dance of the Castelar Special – Community of the Castelar

  • Marlon Brendon Coelho Couto da Silva – MC Poze do Rodo
  • Rangel da Silva Castro
  • José Carlos dos Prazeres Silva – aka “Cem” or “Piranha”, leader of the local drug trafficking ring


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