Rock in Rio will have a conversation festival with Porchat, Alok and Monja Coen


While music shows were postponed to 2022, the Rock in Rio will host a free online chatting festival from September 14th to 17th. Called “Humanorama” – joining the suffix “orama” (from the Greek “hórama”, which means “seen; unveiling from; spectacle”) with the word “human” -, the event already has as confirmed names Alok, Ivan Baron, Monja Coen, Gabriel O Pensador, Fábio Porchat, Tuany Nascimento, Nelson Motta, Edu Lyra, Martha Medeiros and Benedita Casé. The intention of the organizers is to reach a total of 200.

Held simultaneously in Brazil and Portugal, the event will have four virtual rooms to receive people from different areas of activity, including entrepreneurs, artists, executives and academics who will be confirmed over the next few weeks.

As in the version with shows, Rock in Rio Humanorama will offer the public, during its four days of conversations, options for the following content, between “four” main stages, that is, channels accessible through the event’s platform. They are: “I am”, “We”, “We are” and “Learning Experiences”, all dedicated to the knowledge and development of human capacities to build a better and more human future.

The “Sou” channel focuses on individual sustainability and self-knowledge; the “We” channel explores interpersonal relationships, the power of the collective and collaboration; the “Somos” channel addresses the universe of social impact and the relationship with the environment, exploring themes such as active citizenship, sustainable economy, value creation, among others; and the “Learning Experiences” channel will be the epicenter of practical workshops, led by professors and specialists who will address the three themes of the other channels.

In total, there will be 80 hours of content previously recorded or during “lives”, all translated into the language of pounds. A Podcast with 11 episodes will also be available that will bring new conversations between the participants. The premiere is scheduled for July 23rd.

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