Sabrina Sato announces rule change at Ilha Record final after gossip from Any


After Any Borges revealed a spoiler about Ilha Record’s final, Sabrina Sato announced that the rules for defining the season’s champion had been changed by the production. “We did not expect that the information about the colors of the stones, which benefit the finalists, would be revealed”, lamented the presenter on Thursday night (9).

The station’s decision came after Any revealed that it had captured most of the blue stones in the outcome of the treasure hunt dynamic.

“The stones voting would work like this: you would go to R7 and choose one of the yellow, blue or pink stones. The most voted would be worth three points, the other would be worth two and the least voted would be worth one point. What we didn’t expect is that the information about the colors, which benefit the finalists, would be revealed before the final starts. This ended up happening, and they even carried out a campaign on social media,” explained Duda Nagle’s wife.

Then Sabrina explained the new voting dynamics. “We make some adjustments. Now, the voting will be like this: inside these boxes there are A, B and C. The stone that is inside the most voted box will be worth 3 points, the one that is inside the second most voted box will be worth two points and the one with the least voted will be worth one point. This value will be multiplied by the amount of stones that each finalist finds, so we will have the final score”, she added.

The revelation was made by Any through a messaging app in a group chat with fans. “I’m going to need you guys to wipe me off tomorrow. My God, why do I drink? It’s blue, guys, blue,” she said.

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