Sabrina Sato launches training and health care app


Since leaving the third edition of Big Brother Brasil, Sabrina Sato has been diversifying his career beyond television. With a considerable portfolio of companies in which she invests, Sabrina has just taken a new step in her investment portfolio. Together with her husband, Duda Nagle, and the couple’s physical personality, Marcio Lui, they become investors in startup Be Brave and launch the Be Brave app in Brazil.

Founded in 2019 by Gabi Dezan, Daniel Dezan, Isadora Cambraia, Gabriel Veloso Cambraia and Carlos Arruda, Be Brave has more than 5,700 subscribers in several countries such as the United States, China, Japan, Australia, Turkey and regions in Europe. The web based platform now becomes an application with the arrival of Sabrina, Duda and Marcio.

For the presenter, the app is the ideal meeting for those who want to get training routines, nutritional balance and emotional control guidelines. “It is the union of these pillars translated into a unique and innovative digital platform. Many people followed me daily in lives of exercise at the beginning of the pandemic and now together again we can exercise and take care of the mind and well-being”, he comments.

Marcio Lui will bring the Sato Nagle couple’s training methodology to the app. For Lui, the launch highlights the importance of improving the quality of life. “It’s an easy way to move your body, bringing all the necessary information such as training, nutritional guide and courses in the palm of your hand”, he comments.

The application hits the market with a monthly subscription cost of 14.90 dollars, around 80 reais. By the end of this year, the founders are expecting 100,000 subscribers in Brazil.