Samantha cries after watching Madhavan ‘Rocketry’ trailer


Prime Time Zone, Movie: ISRO scientist Nambi Narayan’s upcoming biopic is ‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect’. R. Madhavan is playing the lead role and Simran is the heroine in this movie. Samantha said that she cried after watching the movie trailer released today (Thursday). Sam complimented that he had seen the movie trailer a year ago and that Madhavan had worked very hard to make this movie, that he was a genius.

The trailer begins with a scene where Nambi Narayan is interviewing Madhavan who is playing the role. Surya will play the role of interviewer in Telugu and Tamil and Shahrukh Khan will be seen in the role in Hindi. ‘To beat a street dog to death is enough to cut out a map of madness. In the same way, if you want to hit a man without getting him up, you just have to cut the map of the traitor ‘, Surya’s words are interesting. Nambi Narayan is one of the pioneers in the field of space research in India. At one point, he was charged with treason and jailed for 50 days. The Supreme Court later struck down the case. Madhavan is going to unveil the life of that scientist on the screen.

Samantha cries after watching Madhavan 'Rocketry' trailer

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Samantha cries after watching Madhavan 'Rocketry' trailer

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