Sammy Lee announces separation from Pyong Lee after betrayal in reality – Prime Time Zone


On the ‘Ilha Record’ call, Pyong appeared under a duvet with Argentine model Antonela Avellaneda

Play/ Instagram @sammyleeSammy and Pyong pose with their son Jake, aged 1 year and 5 months

At dawn this Tuesday, 20, Sammy Lee announced on his official Instagram account the end of his relationship with Pyong Lee. The ad came after a reality show call ‘Island Record’ in which the illusionist appears under the quilt with someone else. Sammy shared a news of the betrayal in his stories with a vengeance. “You know how hard I tried, how wrong I was to lie to myself, to save this marriage. Jesus, what do I do? I give my life in your hands God, please don’t let my son feel my pain! Son, writing this with you on your lap is too painful.” In a second publication, she stated the end of the relationship. “Yes, my marriage is over. I lack the strength to type anything else”.

On the 11th, columnist Léo Dias published that Pyong Lee had betrayed Sammy during the recording of the reality show with the Argentine Antonela Avellaneda. At the time, the artist said that he ‘had not fallen into temptation this time’ and dismissed rumors of crisis. Pyong himself also manifested himself on social media and classified the rumors as ‘fake news’. Days after the rumors, Sammy lost his mother. She and Pyong have been together since 2019 and are parents of Jake, aged 1 year and five months.