Sarah Andrade prepares ‘surprise’ for the BBB21 wall: ‘I think I’ll go in it’


Since taking the lead on Thursday (18), Sarah Andrade has cited three names that could be voted on by her: Projota, Pocah and Karol Conká. The singer, however, was the most remote possibility for not having vetoed her from the dispute for the leader. But the marketing consultant changed her mind and must choose the rapper as an indication of the BBB21 wall.

“I am in doubt. My intuition is saying that it is not Projota. It is to send Karol. Because Projota, I still feel a good thing from him. Do you understand?”, Said Sarah, in a conversation with Juliette Freire in the leader’s room Sunday (21).

“I don’t know if I’m wrong, I don’t know if I’m right. But I still feel something good coming from him [Projota] and I can’t explain. For me, he’s a good guy who screwed up. And that he already regretted what he did “, justified the consultant, who had the support of her friend.

At another point, Sarah said: “That’s it, it will be a surprise. Nobody thinks I will send Karol, but I think I will refer her”. Doubt hung over the leader ‘s head all Sunday.

She believes that Karol should not come back from a wall. Sarah’s opinion changed after the two confusions that happened at the house on Saturday (20). Gilberto Nogueira’s friend understands that Conká had an influence on the economist’s fight with Arthur Picoli, in addition to changing what he says to others.

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