‘Sarah is a snake’, Karol Conká shoots over vote on the BBB21 wall


Karol Conká decided to change her strategy on the next wall of Big Brother Brasil 21. This Saturday (13), in conversation with Pocah, the leader of the week went back on her plan to indicate Carla Diaz to the risk zone and defined her new target: “Sarah [Andrade] it’s a snake! “.

“Did you see Arthur [Picoli] talking to me? He said, ‘Ah, I was worried, I thought [o seu voto] it was at Carlinha ‘. I said: ‘No, right, that’s not it at first. The game can turn, but, at first, that’s not the idea ‘”, said the Paranaense.

Then, the owner of the hit Bate a Poeira began to whisper her new target: “It’s Sarah. Sarah, Sarah is snake. She poisons the little thing [Gilberto Nogueira]”. The funkeira noticed the hint and asked her friend about the conversation she had with the economist.

“He said that the person arrived and said this, this and this. Then Lumena [Aleluia] spoke very directly: ‘I think she [Sarah] I wanted to destabilize this here, the people who stand out ‘. I said: ‘Gil, I told you everything. What is the problem of being irritated about losing a game and raging, “continued Karol.

During the report, the leader also said that “there is nothing aggressive”. “[Disse para o Gilberto] ‘You have your aggressive attacks and throw a bottle on the floor. I don’t hit, I don’t break anything “, he released.

Check out an excerpt from the conversation:

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