Sarah says she likes Bolsonaro in the ‘BBB 21’ and the public wants his elimination – Prime Time Zone


The hashtag ‘Out Sarah’ ended up in the most talked about subjects of social networks

Reproduction / Globo / 05.03.2021Sarah came to be criticized after saying she likes Bolsonaro

Sarah, who until then was one of the favorite participants of “BBB 21”, Is being criticized and ended up in the most commented subjects on Twitter this Friday, 5, after saying that he likes the president Jair Bolsonaro. In the video that is out and about on social media, the brothers are in the bedroom commenting on what may have happened out here while they are confined to reality. “Did someone die?” Asked João Luiz. Sarah, on the other hand, said that the impeachment of a president may have happened, and then she released the following comment: “Not ours, I like him”. Because of this, the hashtag “Fora Sarah”Started to gain strength on the social network and she has already lost followers on Instagram. This is not the first time that the sister talks about the president inside the house. Recently, Sarah said she followed Bolsonaro on social media and liked his posts, but stopped following him for fear of being canceled by the public.

“Sarah just falls for my concept. In addition to completely turning against the Juliette thanks to Caio and Lumena are you still a Bolsonaro fan? My cloths have a limit. From now on I am Out Sarah on any wall. This new group of them is finding themselves too much ”, commented a follower on Twitter. “Seriously, just because Sarah said she likes the president is she already in the trends #ForaSarah? And where is democracy? Obs. I don’t like Bolsonaro, ”wrote another. “There will be no way to continue supporting you, Sarinha”, warned one person. “It’s Sarah, I loved you, but you destroyed everything between us. Would I accept you to vote for him, but like him? Even if I had all the cloths in the world, I would use them to pass them on to you now, ”added another.