Save Yourself: Renatinha discovers truth about Kyra and freaks out


The disguise of Kyra / Cleyde (Vitória Strada) will go down the drain in Save Yourself Can. Renatinha (Juliana Alves) will be suspicious of a girl who will appear in the corridors of Labrador Digital and will decide to investigate her. The brunette will corner the stranger and discover that, in fact, the mysterious brunette is Kyra. Certain that the decorator was dead, the executive secretary will freak out with the revelation in Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera.

Alexia / Josimara’s (Deborah Secco) plan to take Kyra’s “spirit” to Rafael (Bruno Ferrari) through a spiritual session will not go as planned. Intrigued by the story, Renatinha will be on the sidelines in front of Labrador and will notice that a strange woman will sneak into the company.

Without noticing that this is Kyra, she will decide to investigate closely. “I bet Josimara brought someone to help trick Rafa. But today I’m going to end the scam!”, She will plan.

Meanwhile, Alexia will wait for Rafael to get off the phone and go to the building’s stairs to let her friend know that it’s almost time for her to enter. Nervously, the decorator will say that she needs to go to the bathroom.

“You have a wig on, wearing those sunglasses … Even if someone shows up, they won’t recognize you right away. Run and don’t delay,” will instruct the actress. Only Renatinha will hear the conversation and follow the mysterious woman. When Kyra is about to leave the bathroom, she will come face to face with her rival.

“May I know who you are that invaded Labrador?”, The executive secretary will ask. Upon realizing the woman’s resemblance to the boss’s fiancee, she will be perplexed and believe that Alexia hired a Kyra lookalike to trick Rafael.

The decorator will run out of the stairs, and Renatinha will stumble down the steps until she falls to the floor, unconscious. Vitória Strada’s character will approach, but the secretary will wake up, squeeze Alexia’s friend’s neck and tear off her wig.

“You are not a double, you are Kyra! My God, did you not die?”, The secretary will speak, without understanding what is happening. Kyra will try to deceive the brunette and pretend to be a ghost. Renatinha will even start to believe it, but Rafael’s fiancee’s cell phone will ring and ruin everything.

“Hey! Ghost doesn’t have a cell phone. No wig! You’re really alive, you, your … Dead! But you were buried, I saw it! I went to the funeral. Speak the truth! And don’t roll me up!” .

The unpublished chapters of the booklet will be shown starting next Monday. The telenovela is already completely recorded and will end on July 16, giving rise to “Como Mais Vida, Melhor”. However, until now, Globo has not confirmed the premiere date of the next 7 pm show.

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