Save Yourself Who Can: Bel touches the terror on Alexia and opens up the actress’s weakness


In Salve-se Quem Puder, Bel (Dandara Mariana) will play the terror in Alexia / Josimara (Deborah Secco) and will open the weakness of the actress. In love with Zezinho (João Baldasserini), the young lady will set up a shack with her rival, but she will not admit what she feels for the hillbilly in Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera. In the fight, she will take the worst, taking a bath of paint.

In the scenes that will air from next Wednesday (21), the witness of the murder of the judge will be painting the house with the kick when Bel arrives to offer help, besides taking the opportunity to flirt more with Ermelinda’s son (Grace Gianoukas ).

She will start to irritate Alexia when she insists on turning on the TV and watching the soap opera of the actress who died and was replaced by her sister, without knowing that the “dead” is right in front of her. To make matters worse, the artist will bite herself with jealousy when she sees Edgar’s daughter (Cosme dos Santos) throwing herself at Zezinho.

“Since you are so good and want to help so much, why don’t you go paint the yard? I’m sure Bel and the chicken will get along. They have a lot in common. Their chicken! Painful! Chicken!” actress. “Zezinho, she is offending me”, the neighbor will complain.

“That’s because I didn’t even start. Your offer! Eye-piercing! No shame!”, Will continue Alexia. The character of Dandara Mariana, then, will lose her temper. She will take a can of paint and throw it in Alexia’s face, but she will regret it soon after.

“Bel! What was that you he did! “, the pawn will shout.” Oh, my God, I took it hard! Sorry, Josimara, you started to offend me and I lost my mind! “, Will justify the” offered “.

The troublemaker played by Dandara Mariana will ask the enemy to fight back, but Zezinho will not let him and will still advise the flirt to leave. Kyra / Cleyde’s friend (Vitória Strada) will leave the scene to take a shower and reflect on how she feels about the hick, who will realize the weakness of the “crush” of not being able to admit that she likes him.

Alexia will be charged by Zezinho

On the wall

When the mood is calmer, Zezinho will go to Alexia’s room to talk. “You came here to say that I am wrong, and is she right?”, The actress will fight. “No, I didn’t come to defend anyone, I just think you didn’t have to fight like that”, said the protector.

“Weren’t you happy with the whole show? Two women fighting over you,” the redhead will mock. “Oce says you don’t feel anything for me. Who wants nothing to do with me. Oce snub me, but it almost comes out way with Bel because of me. Oce need to make up your mind “, will charge the grower.

“Deciding what? It is already decided, what happened here was a moment of weakness, this protection program is taking too long to end”, will justify the embarrassment. “How long you it will take time to admit that you like me? Why is this so difficult, huh? “, The rustic heartthrob will question, leaving the beloved speechless.

Save Yourself Who Puder started airing in January 2020, but had its recordings halted in March last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The soap opera aired on Globo on March 22 this year, with the replay of its first phase in its entirety. The public will see unpublished episodes from May 17.

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