Save Yourself Who Can Exaggerate The Dose By Repeating Formula Of Heart; understand


Written by the same author of Haja Coração (2016), Salve-se Quem Puder exaggerates the dose by repeating the love triangle formula. If in the adaptation of Sassaricando (1987) the girl was between two loves, in the current soap opera of the seven at Globo there are three protagonists divided between two or three passions each.

In Haja Coração, Tancinha (Mariana Ximenes) remained until the last chapter in doubt as to whether she chose to marry the love of her youth, Apolo (Malvino Salvador), or if she bet on a new love with Beto (João Baldasserini).

Beto’s interpreter was even cast in the cast of Salve-se Quem Puder, now in the shoes of Zezinho. As a wealthy publicist, he did not win the girl’s heart in the original exhibition or in the replay, but in the current seven o’clock soap still has a chance to win in the dispute with Renzo (Rafael Cardoso) for Alexia (Deborah Secco).

Aware that triangles yield, Ortiz decided to create several of them in the novel. To help the viewer understand the various rolls and curls, almost as confusing as the “surubão” of Amor de Mãe, the TV News prepared some infographics that illustrate and explain the webs of romance. Check out:

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During a business trip in Mexico, Alexia soon became interested in Renzo, a hunk who met on the beach. After getting involved, she discovered that he is a criminal and henchman of the villain Dominique (Guilhermina Guinle). To make matters worse, he witnessed the evil woman murder a judge and ended up entering a witness protection program along with Kyra (Vitória Strada) and Luna (Juliana Paiva).

In the program, she met the countryman Zezinho, her guardian next to Ermelinda (Grace Gianoukas), and ended up falling in love with his way of chuckling. However, soon she will see that Renzo is a villain with an identity crisis and will not know which of the crushs he likes the most.

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teia salve se quem puder vitoria strada Save Yourself Who Can Exaggerate The Dose By Repeating Formula Of Heart; understand


Kyra started Rafael’s novel bride (Bruno Ferrari), which is Renatinha’s crush (Juliana Alves), and started planning a wedding in Mexico. But, as a witness to a crime with Alexia and Luna, she was presumed dead during the hurricane that devastated Cancún and forced to hide with her colleagues.

Despite this, she will meet Alan (Thiago Fragoso), Alexia’s cousin. Upon becoming a nanny for the widower’s three children, the two will begin an approach. The patricinha will conquer his heart little by little, managing to overthrow even Petra (Bruna Guerin), Alexia’s sister who has always been in love with her cousin.

At the same time, the clumsy will try to keep in touch with Rafael, but Renatinha will jump in, discover the whole story about the protection program and force her rival to give up the businessman for good.

In the new phase of Save Yourself, which will only air on the 17th, one more person will curl up in the loving web. The audience will see Sophia Abrahão coming on the scene as the character Júlia to hook Rafael’s heart and cause despair in the envy played by Juliana Alves.

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teia salve se quem puder juliana paiva Save Yourself Who Can Exaggerate The Dose By Repeating Formula Of Heart; understand


Ex-girlfriend of Juan (José Condessa), Luna was never able to forgive the Portuguese for having betrayed her when they were together, but she always kept a burning feeling, despite the fat eye of Gabi (Nina Frossi), her best friend and colleague from work that secretly also likes the handsome guy.

The Mexican decided to take advantage of the protection program to go after her mother, Helena (Flávia Alessandra), who abandoned her in Mexico with her father, Mário (Murilo). But in this process, Fiona (Luna’s false identity) will fall in love with Téo (Felipe Simas), Helena’s stepson and Ursula’s boyfriend (Aline Dias), and the interest will become reciprocal.

To add more confusion, the actor who plays Juan abandoned the soap opera’s recordings due to the Covid-19 pandemic, forcing Daniel Ortiz to increase the web further. Felipe Simas will enter the novel as Alejandro, another ex-boyfriend of Luna who will dispute the heart of the student of Physiotherapy with Téo – the two actors are brothers in real life.

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Bonus: Micaela

Even though she is not one of the protagonists, Micaela (Sabrina Petraglia) also won a love triangle to call her own in Salve-se Quem Puder. Helena’s other stepdaughter begins the first phase of the seven o’clock soap opera being disputed by the brothers Gael (Cirillo Luna) and Bruno (Marcos Pitombo).

Just before the plot recordings were interrupted because of the pandemic, Sabrina became pregnant and had to be removed from production. Ortiz also needed to rewrite the story of Hugo’s daughter (Leopoldo Pacheco), who will soon travel for an exchange abroad, leaving the two in love to see ships.

The character, however, can return in the last chapters of the novel. Sources in the report say that the actress recorded scenes in which Micaela will appear to pick up Bruno in Brazil, finally choosing the character of Marcos Pitombo for his happy ending – repeating the outcome of his characters from Haja Coração, when they also made a romantic couple.

In addition to the spoilers, the TV News publishes daily summaries of the novel by Daniel Ortiz. The public will see a replay of what aired in 2020 until May 17, when Globo will present the unpublished chapters of the booklet.

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