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Save Yourself Who Can: Helena sets up a shack, scares Luna and has a feeling


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Helena (Flávia Alessandra) will set up a shack in Salve-se Quem Puder. Téo’s stepmother (Felipe Simas) will frighten Luna / Fiona (Juliana Paiva) and will have a bad feeling about Mário’s daughter (Murilo Rosa) in Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera.

The public saw the Mexican woman raiding a party at Hugo’s wife’s emporium (Leopoldo Pacheco). Recognized as a penetrator, the young woman was humiliated by her own mother and chased away by the security guards at the establishment.

In scenes that will be aired next Monday (12), the two will run into each other again at Empório Delícia, where the young woman will be working as a waitress. Luna will appear to serve the wine during a businesswoman’s lunch with her husband. “What is this girl doing here?”, Asks the blonde.

At that moment, Téo will enter the restaurant and call Hugo his father. Confused by the words of her “saving angel”, the girl will ask if Helena is the boy’s mother. “What do you care to know if he is my son? Stop being greasy, girl”, declares the mysterious woman.

The injured boy will scold his stepmother. “If your mother spoke like that, she must have her reasons,” said Hugo. Téo will try to tell that she was the one who helped him when the accident happened on the stairs, but will be interrupted by Úrsula (Aline Dias), who will remember the episode of Luna as he penetrates.

Helena with little Luna on her lap

Moving memory

Observing Juan’s girlfriend (José Condessa) throughout the conversation, Helena will approach. “What do you want with me? It is not possible that it is just a job, there are so many places for you to work”, affirms the madame, showing distrust.

She will ask Luna to stop looking at her. A flashback of the Mexican’s childhood will come on the scene. “Ah, I love it when you look at me with that little look and say ‘I love you, mommy'”, Helena will say in remembrance.

When they stop looking at each other, the woman will be bewildered and dizzy. Baggio (Amauri Reis) will ask Luna to pack up and leave the Italian canteen. “No, no one is going to send anyone away here. Stop treating her like a criminal,” shouted Teo.

Feeling sick, the confidante of Alexia / Josimara (Deborah Secco) and Kyra / Cleyde (Vitória Strada) will lean on one of the restaurant’s tables, and Ursula will claim to be pretending. She will ask why the boyfriend defends the girl. “She helped me when I fell on the stairs. I tried to warn you, but you were aggressive out of nowhere,” said the director.

Luna will run out of the embarrassing scene and, hidden, she will cry remembering the day of the hurricane and the moment when she discovered that her mother was the stepmother of her “saving angel”.

Save Yourself Who Puder started airing in January 2020, but had its recordings halted in March last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The soap opera returned to air on March 22 of this year with the replay of the chapters of the first phase. The public will see unpublished episodes starting in May.

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