Save Yourself Who Can: Summary of today’s chapter, Tuesday, May 18


Check out the summary of the next chapter of Salve-se Quem Puder, a soap opera of seven at Globo, which will air today, Tuesday (18):

Kyra agrees to help Luna and Alexia investigate Dominique on her own. Mário thinks about Helena. Hugo doesn’t like it when Helena says that Mário and Luna will always be part of his life. Dominique sends Pancho to look for Mário to make sure Luna’s death.

Alexia / Josimara tries to gain Renzo’s confidence to try to discover the spreadsheet that could incriminate Dominique’s gang. Petra orders Kyra / Cleyde to work in a nanny uniform. Rafael tells Alexia / Josimara that he kissed Renatinha. Kyra / Cleyde overhears Alan reveal to Petra that he is in love with his children’s nanny.

Alexia is left without action when she sees the surprise dinner that Zezinho prepared on the same day that she would go out with Renzo. Helena sees Luna / Fiona holding the photo she keeps of her daughter and ex-husband.

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