Save Yourself Who Can: Ursula manages to unmask Luna; find out how


Ursula (Aline Dias) will become a danger to the secret of Luna / Fiona (Juliana Paiva) in Salve-se Quem Puder. The assistant will change her strategy to unmask her rival. She will smell the “lies” of the Mexican woman and will search her life. The physiotherapist will even commit a crime: falsifying a document in Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera.

After playing the falsian by re-encountering Luna and Téo (Felipe Simas) arriving from their romantic weekend in Campos do Jordão (São Paulo countryside), the TV director’s ex-girlfriend goes to look for Fiona on social networks. Upon not finding any profile of her, the repressed will decide to prove that she is not even a physiotherapist.

Artful, the character of Aline Dias will find a way to make Helena (Flávia Alessandra) discover where the girl went to college. “Where did I graduate, but why?”, Will ask Mário’s daughter (Murilo Rosa). “To recommend you to someone. And she wanted to know about your background”, will say the owner of Empório Delícia. Taken by surprise, Luna will pretend to be sick and ask to go to the bathroom.

Locked in the bathroom of Hugo’s mansion (Leopoldo Pacheco), she will call Zezinho (João Baldasserini) to ask for a suggestion. “He has how am I supposed to know about physiotherapy college, Luna? “, the redneck will reply. The girl will then explain:

My mom just asked where I graduated. Can’t say it was in Mexico. She said she was supposed to refer me to a job, but it must be an excuse, she must still be suspicious of me. What do I do?

The interiorist will say that the Federal Police gives the false documents, but not a college diploma. At the protégé’s request, he will designate a well-known faculty. “Oia, I know there is USP [Universidade de São Paulo], in Ribeirão Preto must have physical therapy. If she asks again, you says he graduated there. He has num wrap yourself in lie that after you hangs himself “, will advise the jelly seller.

Wrapped up to the neck

But that is exactly what Téo’s girlfriend will do. She will get a fake diploma to present to her biological mother, who doesn’t even imagine that she has been suspicious of her own daughter all this time. Helena thinks that the heiress and husband were killed many years ago.

The scenes will air next Friday (4). Even with the fake document, Ursula will not give up on rubbing the enemy’s face that she is a liar. The girl will go to Ribeirão Preto and pick up the files of all the Fionas she finds in the archives of the physiotherapy college. None of them, of course, will be the one dating her mistress’s son.

Only novel novel in Globo, Salve-se Quem Puder is all recorded. The plot premiered on January 27, 2020, but was interrupted in March of the same year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the exhibition of 53 unpublished chapters to end the saga, the forecast is that the soap opera will end on July 16. A new reprise will enter the range of 19h because the broadcaster decided to postpone the premiere of “The More Life, the Better”.

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