Save Yourself Who You Can: Kyra faces tight skirt with Alan and Rafael and makes decision


Kyra/Cleyde (Vitória Strada) will face a tight skirt with Alan (Thiago Fragoso) and Rafael (Bruno Ferrari) in Salve-se Quem Cander. The climate will be caused by Queen (Alice Palmar) and Mosquito (Ygor Marçal), who will ask the former nanny to resume their romance with the lawyer, right in front of the businessman. After the uncomfortable moment, the girl will ask to be alone for some time to decide which of the boys will be with on Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera.

As soon as he learned that Alexia/Josimara (Deborah Secco) didn’t die, the suit took his children to pick up his cousin at Ermelinda’s (Grace Gianoukas) house and ran into his ex-girlfriend. Then, the owner of Labrador Digital arrived at the place to take the decorator to the house of Agnes (Carolina Kasting).

The meeting of the three will turn into a mess in the scenes that will be shown this Wednesday (14). Children will ask awkward questions to the characters. “Lad, why did you call Cleyde Kyra?”, Mosquito will ask Rafael.

“Her name is Cleyde, okay? She was our nanny and she’s going to be our stepmother!”, Queen will advise. Embarrassed, the protagonist will be forced to explain to Alan and his children about her true identity. The lawyer will show understanding, but the little ones will intensify the mood by asking the former nanny to marry their father in front of Renzo’s partner (Rafael Cardoso).

Nervous about the situation, the girl will go to her room. Upon realizing the distress of the ex-fiancée, Rafael will follow his beloved in an attempt to calm her down. But Vitória Strada’s character will throw a bucket of cold water at the owner of the Labrador Digital and inform him of the decision he made.

“I’m confused. A lot! I need to think calmly and alone. The truth is, I need some time,” Kyra warned.

The only new telenovela on Globo, Salve-se Quem Puder will end next Friday (16). The rerun of Pega Pega (2017) will come in at 7 pm because the network decided to postpone the premiere of the soap opera Quem Mais Vida, Melhor.

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