Save Yourself: Zezinho pays off before unmasking Alexia


Zezinho (João Baldasserini) will pay a huge tax in an attempt to unmask Alexia / Josimara (Deborah Secco) in Salve-se Quem Puder. Suspicious that something terrible is happening in the work of the redhead, the hick will disguise himself to invade Labrador Digital. The roceiro will be locked in the bathroom and will gain fame as a sexual abuser when he is caught kissing with the assistant in the Globo soap opera.

Ermelinda’s son (Grace Gianoukas) will enter the building of Rafael’s company (Bruno Ferrari) in the next 26th chapter. The countryman will assume that the new partner is the reason for the redhead’s constant outbreaks. In a panic over the presence of her boyfriend, Alan’s cousin (Thiago Fragoso) will arrest the boy in the women’s bathroom to prevent him from finding Renzo (Rafael Cardoso).

“Zezinho, for God’s sake! We will talk at home! Go away!”, Will ask the redhead, desperate. “Where’s the new partner? I bet he’s leaving you this way! And I’m not leaving here without looking at this guy’s face … What’s his name, say it!”, Will demand to know Edgar’s neighbor (Cosme dos Santos ).

The duo will continue to chat for a few minutes, and Alexia will lock the beloved inside the individual hanger. The character will fear that Zezinho will see Renzo and leave on top of his “ex-date” out of jealousy.

Only disgrace in the seven o’clock soap opera

Unfortunately, Rafael will ask Alexia to help him in a business meeting, and Bel’s love interest (Dandara Mariana) will be at the mercy of fate. Soon after the redhead leaves the scene, the boy will discover that the door is stuck.

“Jeez! You broke that crap! Just fed up I get stuck here. I’m going to call Alexia to save me “, the boy will say. But his phone will fall on the toilet, and the hick will have to wait for the protagonist to get out of there.

Marieta (Prazeres Barbosa) will enter the bathroom and hear that someone is trapped in the cabin. She will try to help the alleged woman, but she will see a pair of male feet through the bottom crack in the door. The cleaning lady will freak out with the “bathroom maniac” and spread the gossip all over Labrador Digital.

“I told you to leave,” complains Alexia, after returning from her task with Rafael. Zezinho will then explain:

The door stuck, heck! I tried to break in, mom one enters and leaves of muié what on one it gave. I’ve been stuck for a long time and my cell phone still fell on the toilet.

Alexia will invent history to escape from Zezinho

“Well done! There was nothing to come here! Now push me from here,” I will insist Luna / Fiona’s friend (Juliana Paiva). The couple will end up moored over a sink. Renatinha (Juliana Alves) will hear all the confusion: “I’ll let you know! If there’s a man in the women’s bathroom …”, the secretary will shout.

Kings of improvisation

Without action, Alexia will kiss Zezinho for real, and Kyra / Cleyde’s rival (Vitória Strada) will be surprised by the scene. “You are very shameless, huh, Josimara? A whore is too little for you, see?”, She will release the bitterness.

The character played by Deborah Secco will try to pretend that she was harassed by the heartthrob, but the enemy will not be convinced. Renatinha will threaten to fire her for the shack. Smartly, the witness to Vitório’s murder (Ailton Graça) will use humiliation to get rid of the boy. Alexia will shoot:

You really hate me, right Renatinha? You never believe me! Just mistreat me! It is so rude, but so much, that I always get home angry and make the people who live with me worry!

Ermelinda’s son will understand the message and believe that Juliana Alves’ character is the reason for Alexia’s problems. Convinced, he will assure Rafael’s ex-fiancee that he grabbed the redhead out of nowhere and will leave the scene. “And the girl is innocent, okay? in a guentei this piece of bad path in front of me .. And then candy if you harm her for that! “, the hillbilly will amend.

Relieved, Graziela’s daughter (Debora Olivieri) will be able to dispatch Zezinho to the elevator. Then, Renzo will appear next door and will not understand why the employee of Labrador Digital was in a hurry.

The only novel novel in Globo since this week, Salve-se Quem Puder presents the unpublished chapters of the booklet that were recorded between August and December last year with new security protocols at the Globo Studios, in Rio de Janeiro. The booklet debuted on January 27, 2020, but was interrupted in March of the same year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

With 53 new episodes, the soap opera will end on July 16, when The More Life, the better it should be launched. However, so far, the broadcaster has not confirmed the premiere date of the next 7 pm show.

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