SBT and Globo fight a veiled fight backstage for Campeonato Gaúcho


SBT entered the dispute for the rights of the Gaucho Championship in 2022. Silvio Santos’ broadcaster monitors the situation and says it is interested in buying the event, depending on the negotiation with the FGF (Gaúcha Football Federation). Until this year, the State of Rio Grande do Sul was owned by Globo, which is also willing to renew the agreement.

O Gaucho is one of the few state companies that Globo wants to keep on its menu. The main reason is the large audience that classics between Grêmio and Internacional mark. This year, the tournament finals reached peaks above 40 Ibope points in Greater Porto Alegre.

O TV news found that the Sports department of SBT began to move. With the help of the local direction of the station in Rio Grande do Sul, who intermediated the conversations, the sports sector contacted the gaúcho football leaders and said they wanted to enter into the negotiation when it really started.

Now, the matter has been taken up by the head of the network in São Paulo. For SBT, it would be important to have a state championship for strategic reasons. TV wants to try to assemble a commercial package in 2022 with more dates than Globo and show the advertising market that it is the one with the most football tournaments on open TV.

Globo is calm and sees the movement of its competitors to events that belonged to it as natural. It also bets on the strength of RBS, its partner in Rio Grande do Sul, which is sovereign in the leadership in the ranking of audience indexes. Globo has already indicated that it will pay less than what it disbursed for the Gaucho until 2021 — about R$37 million per year.

Months ago, Record also showed interest in the State, but did not come forward with a proposal. The Federation of Rio Grande do Sul is in no hurry to define the new contract. The case must be resolved by November, two months before the dispute begins.

Globo and SBT are also playing a package of games for the Campeonato Paulista, the country’s main one, for 2022. Both want to show matches in the new negotiation model.