Scarlett Johansson’s Agent Detonates Disney and Spices Up Court Fight


The legal fight between Scarlett Johansson and Disney won another chapter this Friday (30). Bryan Lourd, the actress’ longtime agent, detonated the studio and accused executives of lying in response to the lawsuit filed by Black Widow’s star (2021) over the feature’s hybrid release in theaters and streaming.

In a letter sent to the press, Lourd said the studio blatantly and falsely accused Scarlett of denying the industry’s problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the agent, Disney disclosed the salary received by the actress to act in the film (US$ 20 million) as a way to minimize her complaints and her success in Hollywood.

“Scarlett has partnered with Disney on nine films, which have made billions for Disney and its shareholders. The company has included her salary in its press release in an attempt to demonstrate her success as an artist and entrepreneur, as if that [o processo] was something she should be ashamed of. Scarlett is extremely proud of the work that she and all of Marvel’s actors, writers, directors, producers and creative team have been a part of for more than a decade,” criticized the agent.

For Lourd, the attitudes of executives are below the representation that Disney has for the film industry. He also points out that the decision to simultaneously release Black Widow was for the studio’s own benefit.

This lawsuit was filed as a result of Disney’s decision to intentionally violate Scarlett’s contract. They deliberately moved the revenue stream and profits to the Disney+ side, leaving artistic and financial partners out of their new equation. That’s it.

The actress’s contract with Disney provided for a wide-ranging theatrical release, as well as other films in the Marvel Universe. Reports by industry experts say Scarlett lost more than $50 million (R$259 million) in the studio’s experiment.

Also according to experts interviewed by Deadline website, Black Widow will be lucky to reach US$ 350 million (R$ 1.8 billion) at the box office around the world, a low gross income for a Marvel title, which has been used in the last few years. years to surpass the US$ 1 billion mark (R$ 5.1 billion).

Black Widow was released simultaneously in theaters and in Disney+ Premier Access, which charges an additional R$69.60 to subscribers who want to watch the film before it officially enters the catalog. With the strategy, Mickey’s studio snapped up US$ 60 million (R$ 310 million) with the streaming alone in its first weekend in theaters.

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