Search for Chandler Bing explodes on Google after Friends reunion opens


The long-awaited special of Friends (1994-2004) debuted in the HBO Max catalog in the United States this Thursday (27) and made the search for the names of characters in the last 24 hours explode on the web. The ironic Chandler Bing, immortalized by Matthew Perry, is first on the list, followed by Ross Geller (David Schwimmer).

A survey made by Google Trends and obtained exclusively by TV news showed that the increase in searches for Chandler Bing not only put Perry’s character in the spotlight but also broke a historical mark. Since 2004, when the series ended, the most searched name on the web by fans was Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston).

Also according to Google, the search for the term “Friends meeting” (Friends meeting, in Portuguese) soared and jumped 300% compared to the 24 hours before the debut of the special. On YouTube, the increase was 250% worldwide, reaching the top 10 on the platform.

The special is still unheard of in Brazil –HBO Max only arrives here on June 29th–, but even so the query for the term rose by 270%, placing the country in second position in all of Latin America, behind only the Argentina.

In the global ranking, Brazil is in the 51st position in the search interest list. The numbers prove the success of the special and how Friends is still relevant around the world.

Check out the list with the most searched characters on Google after the premiere of the special:

  1. Chandler Bing
  2. Ross Geller
  3. Rachel Green
  4. Phoebe Buffay
  5. Monica Geller
  6. Joey Tribbiani
  7. Janice
  8. Mr. Heckles
  9. Mike Hannigan
  10. Emma Geller-Green

Watch the trailer in English below: