Secret Truths 2 will be a dog on streaming, but chutchuca on open TV


Globo will make two versions of Verdades Secretas 2, a soap opera whose first part will be released this month on Globoplay. In streaming, the Walcyr Carrasco’s plot will feature male and female frontal nudes, in addition to heavy sex scenes — even between two men. Those who do not subscribe to the platform will see a lighter version when the series is shown on open TV.

Behind the scenes, they are saying that the soap opera will be “dog” on streaming, but “chutchuca” on Globo. The goal with the different versions is to raise the temperature like competitors do. Management realized that giants Netflix and Amazon manage to be more daring in their productions.

According to the TV news, Secret Truths 2 will be a test to see what the limit of what the public accepts is. In addition to the shameless nudity and more realistic sex scenes, close to what is seen in more explicit productions, violence will be a very explored point. In the continuation of the saga started by Walcyr Carrasco in 2015, new deaths will happen.

Murder scenes will be more believable, as has rarely been seen in national productions. The telenovela’s self-rating given by the network is not “recommended for under-18s” — a testament to what’s to come in streaming.

At Globo, however, the plan is to show the telenovela as “suitable for people over 16”. Despite the broadcaster’s desire to innovate, it knows that heavier scenes can shock mainstream TV audiences accustomed to a more conservative narrative.

At Globoplay, the projected model is what was done in two successful national series: Bom Dia Verônica (2020) and Dom (2021), produced by Netflix and Prime Video, respectively. The productions were praised even with the naked and raw sequences, both of violence and the use of drugs and sex. If there was acceptance by competitors, Globo hopes that this will happen with Verdades Secretas 2 on Globoplay.

debut this month

Without revealing which day the soap opera will be available on the platform, Globoplay only informs that the first part of Secret Truths 2 will have 20 episodes in its release this month.

In all, the sequel will feature 50 chapters. The second wave, which can still be divided into a third, has no debut forecast yet. The broadcast on open TV will only happen after the whole story has been made available on streaming.

In the continuation of Angel’s (Camila Queiroz) story, Giovanna (Agatha Moreira) will return from Paris willing to prove that her old schoolmate killed her father, Alex (Rodrigo Lombardi). She will also accuse her enemy of having killed Gui (Gabriel Leone).

Pia’s daughter (Guilhermina Guinle) will hire detective Cristiano (Romulo Estrela) to investigate Angel, but the detective will end up getting involved with the call girl — in the story, the hillbilly will return to prostitution.

In the new phase, the main character will be bankrupt, widowed and with a child to support. Seven years will have passed. Secret Truths 2 will have yet another aspiring model who will fall into the world of prostitution and get involved with drugs.

Check out the plot presentation video: