Secret Truths: Angel goes to bed with Alex and drives the man crazy


Arlete/Angel (Camila Queiroz) will be quick to hook Alex (Rodrigo Lombardi) in Verdades Secretas. The young woman will accept to enter the world of prostitution in this week’s chapters in the eleven o’clock soap opera and will have the entrepreneur as her first client. He will be instantly enchanted by the nymphet in bed and will be willing to shell out a lot of money for her.

This is one of the subjects of the 72nd episode of the podcast Noveleiros, from TV news. In the weekly programs, journalists Fernanda Lopes, Daniele Amorim and Márcia Pereira talk and tell the highlights of the next chapters from the perspective of professional novelists.

Disappointed with Guilherme (Gabriel Leone) and needing money so that the family is not evicted from her grandmother’s apartment, the girl will accept Fanny’s (Marieta Severo) proposal and agree to be part of the pink book (prostitution among the models) .

Thus, Angel will have his first date with Alex. He will be kind to the girl and involve her so that she will also enjoy the first time with the heartthrob.

Crazy with pleasure, Rodrigo Lombardi’s character will soon talk to Fanny so that Angel’s programs are reserved just for him. In return, the cafetina will do well: the rich man will promise that she will be responsible for the catalogs of all his brands, with great profit.

From there, Angel and Alex will begin to meet frequently, with more and more passion, which will complicate their relationship in the novel by Walcyr Carrasco.

You can hear more about Secret Truths and all the soap operas on the air through the link below, in the 72nd episode of the Noveleiros podcast, from TV news. Also available on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

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