Secret Truths Ending: Angel’s mother catches husband and daughter in bed


At the end of Verdades Secretas, Carolina (Drica Moraes) will catch Angel (Camila Queiroz) and Alex (Rodrigo Lombardi) having sex on the sly. The housewife will be shocked by her daughter’s betrayal of her husband and will threaten them with a revolver in Globo’s eleven o’clock soap opera, but she will end up taking her own life.

In the last chapters, scheduled to air in December, Hilda’s daughter (Ana Lucia Torre) will be suspicious of her sweet Arlete’s relationship with the millionaire, whom she will have married.

Rogério’s ex-wife (Tarcísio Filho) will discover that she is betrayed in a double dose by the mouth of Giovanna/Kika (Agatha Moreira), who will insist on unmasking her father’s extramarital affair with his schoolmate.

When confronted with the revelation, Carolina will drive her car at high speed to her house and see the two half-naked in her daughter’s bed. Angered, she will take her gun and surprise the “little couple”, who will be scared.

“Oh yeah, where did you get this thing? Put that gun down, Carolina! Let’s talk,” the businessman will react. “Talk what? What are we going to talk about? Everything was in front of me all the time. You two, everything. I looked, but I didn’t want to see. Your looks at her. Her looks at you”, will begin to Alex’s wife, who will continue:

The times I went out, came back and met them both, there was a mood, I felt the mood. I didn’t want to believe what I already knew in my heart, but I didn’t want to know or believe, but I’m not stupid. I wanted to believe that such an awful thing was impossible to happen. That does not exist.

Carolina’s outcome is tragic

Carolina will threaten to shoot Alex, but Angel will step in front of her lover and say that she loves him. Next, the betrayed will go to the mansion room and shoot her in the head.

Originally aired in 2015, Verdades Secretas returned to the air on Globo in a kind of “warm up” for its sequel, which began to be recorded and will show the plot starring Camila Queiroz seven years after the end of the version shown on open TV.

The rerun of the saga written by Walcyr Carrasco is also an attempt to stop the audience from escaping to the new season of A Fazenda, reality by Record.

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