Secret Truths: Next Chapter Summary, Thursday, September 23


Check out the summary of the next chapter of the rerun of Verdades Secretas, an eleventh-day telenovela on Globo, which airs this Thursday (23):

Alex masks the tension when he sees Angel, and Samia notices. Angel kisses Guilherme to provoke Alex. Fanny asks Visky to find out if Anthony has walked away from Giovanna. Anthony reveals to Fábia that he has found a new way to earn money.

Nina comments to Giovanna that Alex and Angel met at the Like show. Angel and Alex manage to lose Giovanna. Giovanna tells Alex that she is in love and wants to get married. Angel and Guilherme announce their relationship and Alex gets annoyed. Alex tells Angel that he will bring her back to him. Giovanna sets up a meeting between Alex and Anthony. Alex fights with Anthony.

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