Senator and presenter of Rede Brasil, Major Olimpio dies of Covid-19


Major Olimpio, presenter of Rede Brasil and senator elected by PSL in the State of São Paulo, had his death announced on social networks by family members, this Thursday afternoon (18). He was 58, contracted Covid-19 and could not resist complications from the disease. In addition to his public office, Sérgio Olimpio Gomes was also known for presenting Papo Reto, a Rede Brasil program.

“With a lot of pain in the heart, we reported the brain death of the great father, brother and friend, Senator Major Olimpio. By law the family will have to wait 12 hours for confirmation of the death and is checking which organs will be donated. Thank you for everything you did for us, for our Brazil “, informed the communiqué.

Olimpio had been admitted to a hospital in São Paulo since the beginning of March and had improved on Tuesday (9), when he was extubated, but he got worse the next day and was intubated again.

Major passages by parties such as PP, PV, PDT, PMB, Solidarity and PSL, Major Olimpio has already held the positions of state deputy, for which he was elected in 2006 and 2010, federal deputy, elected in 2014, and senator, a position he held since 2019. He was the candidate supported by Jair Bolsonaro in São Paulo and had the highest number of votes for the senate, nine million.

As a politician, he drew attention when he interrupted the inauguration ceremony of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva as Minister of the Civil House in March 2016, shouting “Shame!” and also participated in televised debates when he ran for the mayor of São Paulo in 2016.

With the death of Major Olimpio, his seat in the federal senate must be occupied by Alexandre Luiz Giordano, his first alternate. The second alternate on the ticket is Marcos Pontes, Brazil’s current Minister of Science and Technology.

Presenter José Luiz Datena, from Band, lamented the politician’s death: “Senator Major Olímpio really leaves me with a pain in my heart, I can’t feel a lot of pain in my heart because I was almost gone too. I feel very sad and I give my condolences to the family. Thank you very much for being able to share great movements with Major Olimpio “.

“We got into several fights on the same side, together against corruption, against banditry, defending the police. I was very happy when he was elected senator and called me. Thank God, I was able to help you do reports with you always My brother, rest in peace. I leave my condolences here “, concluded Datena.

Major Olimpio on TV

Since November 2019, Major Olimpio has been presenting Papo Reto, a talk show on Rede Brasil de Televisão that aired at 11:30 pm on Sundays. The last edition announced before his death was shown on February 28, with also senator Lasier Martins (Pode-RS), a former RBS reporter, remembered for the viral video of the ‘grape shock’.

The senator also used to appear on other programs sporadically. In 2017, as a federal deputy, he participated in a debate about funk balls at RedeTV! ‘S Superpop. He also recorded some editions of the program Women, on TV Gazeta.

Remember some of Major Olimpio’s appearances on TV below:

Check out the statement about the death of Major Olimpio: