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Tiago, from the duo Hugo & Tiago, said that the singer was ‘uneducated and rude’ when saying he was ‘ridiculous’

Reproduction/Instagram/tiago.hugoetiago/18.07.2021Tiago talked about his relationship with Tania Mara

The penile surgery of the backwoodsman Tiago, who is part of the Hugo duo, continues to cause a stir. This time, the reason was the singer’s response to Fafá de Belém, who criticized the post-surgical procedure. The artist commented in a social media post that she mentioned the end of Tiago’s relationship with Tania Mara and talked about the surgery saying that the singer was a “ridiculous guy”. With the repercussion and demand from fans for an answer, Tiago published this Saturday, 24, a video answering questions and hitting the singer. He said he didn’t know the singer personally, but said the comment was rude. “I never went to her house, she never bought me a cup of coffee or anything for us to chat, so we don’t know each other. […] I think she expressed herself very poorly, I think she was rude, it was rude, it was stupid, because pointing your finger at someone and saying ‘you were ridiculous’ is complicated”, said the musician, stressing that he has a lot of respect for daughter of Fafá de Belém, Mariana, with whom he participated in a TV show. “It was her fault. I think she didn’t mean that I’m ridiculous, but that my behavior for having the surgery, for exposing it, was ridiculous. I can’t say the same to her, even though she has their stories. Speaking of intimacy, 40 years ago Fafá posed nude in a magazine”, she said, saying that each one is “independent with their life, with their choices”. I think Fafá is an amazing person, inside my car I have her songs. I’ve already re-recorded her songs”, he added.