Sharp, Bil turns machine gun and detonates rivals in The Farm 13: ‘Imature and underhanded’


Arcrebiano de Araujo, Bil, decided to show his player side in A Fazenda 2021. This Wednesday (22), the model activated machine gun mode and detonated rivals Erika Schneider and Rico Melquiades, which he labeled as “immature” and ” underhanded”, respectively.

Vote ->Erika, Liziane, Nego and Solange are on the farm of A Fazenda 13

“Must be awesome for Marina [Ferrari] and for Erika. He put them on the farm, and they have to sleep in the same bed”, pointed out Erasmo Viana, alluding to the dynamics of the remaining one used in the formation of the farm, when the digital influencer put her friend in the spotlight.

The ex-BBB took advantage of the hook and began to give his opinion on the topic: “I don’t know Erika, you must know her more than I do, I already knew her from abroad. I think she’s a little immature”. “Little? She still has a lot to learn”, countered the fitness influencer, who already had an affair with the former dancer of Domingão do Faustão (1989-2021).

“In morals, her ego rose a lot to her head, very immature. I think Rico is also very secretive, he disappointed me a lot”, reinforced the former No Limite. “He’s hard-headed as hell,” added Viana.

In the chat, the confinement colleagues praised Mileide Mihaile and stated that the influencer has the potential to be a finalist in the dispute.

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