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Shot by Ruy in Zeca, A Força do Querer closes the best week at ibope


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With the shot that Ruy (Fiuk) shot at Zeca (Marco Pigossi) in the Saturday (20) chapter of A Força do Querer, Globo’s nine o’clock soap opera ended its best week at ibope. After six days on the rise and driven by the BBB21 audience, the plot written by Gloria Perez broke the weekly average record, with 33.4 points in Greater São Paulo.

On Saturday, A Força do Querer recorded 28.1 points and a 44.4% share (televisions on). Thanks to the eager audience for Big Brother Brasil, the soap opera was well tuned.

In the second (15), he scored 35 points; Tuesday, 36.1 – the overall plot record; fourth was 34.5; fifth, 34.6; and on Friday the average was 32.0 points.

The week of the rehearsal that takes place at 9 pm on Globo highlighted Ruy’s anger when he learned that Zeca had been in contact with Ritinha (Isis Valverde). However, the character played by Fiuk was deceived by the woman, who blatantly fed the lie that the truck driver was looking for her, when in fact she was after him.

Jealously, Joyce’s son (Maria Fernanda Cândido) went to the truck driver with a revolver and fired. Zeca was hospitalized, between life and death.

See the hearings on Saturday, February 20, in Greater São Paulo:

Daily average (7h / 0h): 13.8
How will it be? 4,1
It’s from Home 5,8
SP1 11,8
Globe Sports 11,8
Newspaper Today 10,7
Saturday Session: Karate Kid 12,6
Huck’s cauldron 12,9
Flower of the Caribbean 19,8
SP2 22,3
Let Heart 24,3
National Newspaper 24,7
The Power of Wanting 28,1
Big Brother Brasil 21 24,6
Late hours 12,2
Supercine: If you drink, don’t marry! – Part 3 6,5
BBB Network Newsletter 5,3
Owl 1: The Wave 4,3
Great Owl 2: Little Loving Dictionary 2 3,6
Great Owl 3: Girls Camp 3,3
Average of the day (7h / 0h): 4.6
Religious 0,5
Brazil Trucker 1,1
Special Brazil Speech 4,3
Love school 2,3
Religious 1,9
Special General Balance Sheet 4,5
Adventure Cinema: SWAT – Special Command 2 4,2
City Alert 5,6
Journal of Record 6,2
Genesis – Best Moments 5,4
Maximum Screen: The Outsider 2 4,6
Chicago Fire – Heroes Against Fire 3,4
Speaks, I hear you 1,4
Religious 0,5
Average of the day (7h / 0h): 4.3
Happy Saturday 3,7
The Thundermans 5,5
Raul Gil Program 3,5
Shredding 3,3
SBT Brasil 3,8
Chiquititas 5,6
fashion Squad 4,4
Bake Off Celebrities 6,3
Impressive News 4,1
Supernatural 2,2
Jornal da Semana SBT 1,6

Source: Issuers

Each point is equivalent to 76,577 households in Greater SP

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Shot by Ruy in Zeca, A Força do Querer closes the best week at ibope