Shouting and accusation: Check out what happened in Power Couple Brasil’s discord game


This Sunday’s game of contention (4) intensified the rivalry between Bruno Salomão and Matheus Yurley. The two participants promoted the biggest shouting during the dynamic. Annoyed, the doctor accused the influencer and his wife, Mari Matarazzo, of making themselves victims in Power Couple Brasil 5.

In the evening activity, participants needed to match four rings to another couple. As soon as the mission was accomplished, the competitors responsible for the last ring had to withdraw R$5,000 from the joint account of the eliminated couple.

After becoming the target of Matheus and Mari, Daniele Hypolito and Fábio Castro, and Renata Dominguez and Leandro Gléria, Bruno got angry when he lost the value of his account with Deborah Albuquerque. The situation resulted in a fight between the doctor and Matheus.

“You are the owners of the program,” shouted Salomão, who also accused the couple of victimhood. “Today you’re en masse, you’re talking. You weren’t like that, I’ve taken on several activities that I’ve positioned myself in, and you’ve been soaping. Now, you’re the owners of reason,” Yurley replied.

JP Mantovani, an ally of the “phoenix couple”, also added fuel to the fire and started yelling at Mari and Matheus. “Victimism!” shouted the model during this Sunday’s activity.


Georgia Fröhlich got annoyed when she saw Fábio pass the game on to Mari and Matheus knowing that she would be targeted by the couple of influencers and could be eliminated from the dynamic.

“You took our opportunity to play, giving it to someone who would play for us,” complained Thiago Bertoldo’s girlfriend. “I’m not going to play on you guys,” Dany’s husband stated.

Also during the activity, Georgia took the opportunity to clarify that she has no problem with Mari and Matheus. “About the votes [em vocês] it was for lack of choice, I was never false to you. I want to have a good relationship,” stated the brunette.

“We’re a bit apart because we don’t sit there [confortável], we are not close to you and we don’t have to be doing averages with you,” replied Matheus.

Truce vs. victimhood

In another passage, Matheus stated that he would never have the courage to attack Bruno, referring specifically to one of the fights he had with the doctor.

“I would never attack you, I can talk, I can curse, but never attack, just to make it clear that I’m not the squabbling in reality. I can leave the game, but I have to go out saying everything I have to speak,” said the influencer.

“We know that we are voting options for you. We will go to all possible D.Rs with our heads held high. Our vote today has no weight for you, we know that”, Mari continued.

Bruno, however, did not buy the speech and attacked the two opponents. “This is victimhood. There are other couples to win yet, stop it, I’m serious. This is called victimhood,” fired the doctor.


Leandro took advantage of the activity to complain after being eliminated by JP from the Men’s Test. “Just saying a quick thing, this was boring, but it’s a pain we felt yesterday,” vented the public relations man. “Obviously we were going to vote for you and you were going to vote for us. What’s wrong?” yelled JP.

Renata also accused Georgia of attacking her husband during the men’s dynamic, claiming that the actress had collaborated in Leandro’s elimination. “You were the one who made the decision, Ge. You surprised me, I won’t say no. I didn’t expect you to be decisive again in this situation,” lamented the actress. “But I wasn’t the one who eliminated it, I took it off once”, countered Thiago’s girlfriend.

Check out some scenes of the dynamic below:

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