Shruthi Hasan: Kamal Garala Patti reacts to acting as a mother … what did she say .. – Shruthi Hasan In Interview


Shruthi Hasan In Interview: Usually in movies, heroines are judged on the level of their careers based on the characters they choose.

Shruthi Hasan In Interview: Usually in movies the heroines come to an assessment of their career level based on the characters they choose. Also the stars are not so interested in acting in mother roles while at a certain level as a heroine. Some feel that this will have an impact on their later films. But beauty star Shruti Haasan says she never had such an idea.
Actor Kamal Haasan is a beauty star who has earned a special recognition despite her acting heritage. This little one who impressed the audience with his multi talent. The last few days have not been big on the Telugu screen. After a gap of almost three years, Ravi Teja’s hero was greeted by the Telugu audience with the movie ‘Crack’ which was a great success. Meanwhile, in this movie, Shruti plays the mother of a sin. Answering a question asked in an interview on the subject, Shruti said, “Should I play the role of a mother when I hear a movie story? At ..? The idea never came to me at all. Making movies by doing some calculations is a vintage theory. From the beginning of my career I was always ready for experiments and challenges in terms of characters. Some of the heroines in today’s cinema are successfully pursuing careers even after marriage. The idea that top heroines should not play the roles of mother and wife is long overdue, ‘said Kundabaddal.

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