Silvio Santos program returns unprecedented with reduced audience: ‘João Doria allowed’


The Silvio Santos Program returned unpublished this Sunday (1st) on SBT, with Silvio Santos in the middle of the audience. The 90-year-old communicator returned to the stage of his attraction following security protocols against Covid-19 and managed to assemble a small auditorium. According to the veteran, the station follows the rules required by the governor of São Paulo. “João Doria allowed the program to be made with 80 people,” he said.

In his first unpublished program of Silvio Santos, the owner of SBT did not hide his satisfaction in resuming recordings. After the first few seconds of the traditional musical opening –Silvio Santos is coming–, he asked for the song to be interrupted to say: ‘For everything! I’m already here. I already arrived! Everyone can see that I’m here.”

Silvio started Sunday in his usual place: in the middle of the audience. The auditorium, in turn, had a reduced number of women. All participants wore masks and were strategically positioned to respect the necessary distance.


Silvio Santos program with 80 people in the auditorium

When interacting with the audience with the traditional questions in exchange for R$50, he warned that the rush for the money could not generate crowding in the studio. “Please don’t run over each other. I have 80 people in the auditorium due to the governor’s protocol,” he began.

“João Doria allowed the program to be made with 80 people on stage. It was very difficult for the production of the program to get 80 people because not even 20 wanted to come (laughs). I’m glad the 80 came (laughs). It was even difficult get 20”, he was amused.

Vaccinated, the veteran resumed recording of his productions on July 23rd. Away because of the pandemic, the communicator had not stepped on his station since 2019. The first attraction recorded by him was the Roda a Roda Jequiti, shown last Sunday (25). Now, back at work, he has fully resumed his recording routine at the station.

See videos of the unpublished Silvio Santos Program: