Singer Edson, Hudson’s duo, is hospitalized after Covid-19’s evolution – Prime Time Zone


Cantor had mild symptoms at first, but the disease evolved

Disclosure / 05.03.2021Edson tested positive for Covid-19 and needed to be hospitalized after disease progressed

The singer Edson, which is paired with Hudson, needed to be hospitalized after testing positive for Covid-19. At first, the countryman showed mild symptoms and received treatment at home, but the disease evolved and he had to go to the hospital. According to the singer’s press office, he is admitted to the Hospital Santa Ignês, a private unit located in Indaiatuba, in the interior of São Paulo. Even interned, the artist is “in a stable situation so far”. According to data from the Secretariat of Health of Indaiatuba, only last Thursday, 4, were recorded 21 new cases of Covid-19 and 347 reports of suspicions. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the city has registered 15,242 cases of the disease and the hospital in Edson is hospitalized and currently has 100% of the ICU beds occupied.