Singer Leonardo eats live fish and says he is ready for ‘No Limite’; watch – Young Pan


Boninho, Eliana and Naiara Azevedo are some of the celebrities who commented on the singer’s video

Reproduction / Instagram / leonardo / 27.05.2021Leonardo posted a video in which he appears eating a live fish

The singer Leonardo caught the attention of his followers by posting a video on social media that appears eating a fish alive. “It takes a natural taste,” said the sertanejo in the recording in which he appears sitting in a canoe. After eating the animal, he turns over a bottle and drinks an alcoholic drink. “I’m ready for ‘No Limite’! You can call me (laughs) ”, wrote Leonardo in the caption of the publication. Boninho, director of the reality show famous for making participants eat exotic things, commented: “Bora! I’m going to prepare the bottles [de bebida]”. The singer joked: “I’m in”. The video had numerous reactions, including from the presenter Eliana, who wrote: “Jeez”. The duo Cezar and Paulinho he emphasized: “And he still bit, not even to swallow directly (laughs)”. The singer Naiara Azevedo it also manifested itself: “Combination is good there (laughs)”. In addition to the famous, many followers also left comments on the video posted last Wednesday, 26. “Cozido na cachaça”, wrote a follower. “Sushi is for the weak,” said another. “I already ate a lot of live piaba and shrimp when I was a child in the rivers because they said I learned to swim… I am still trying to swim today,” said one person. “Let Luiza Mel see this, she will say that she ate the fish alive and that is inhumane”, warned another.