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Rick’s duo did hair transplantation, facial harmonization, lip filling moved his teeth

Reproduction / Instagram / renner.r / 16.03.2021Renner performed several aesthetic procedures in the last few months and showed the result

The singer Renner, who voices with Rick, impressed his followers by showing on social media the before and after aesthetic procedures that you’ve done in the past few months. In October last year, the countryman decided to have a hair transplant to cover his baldness, and in January, he made a post on Instagram commenting on the result: “After three and a half months, my hair transplant it is already taking shape. And the best is yet to come! Happy 2021! I’ll let you know about the result of my implant ”, warned the singer who fulfilled the agreement and posted this week how his hair looked months after the procedure. Renner also made a period of facial harmonization, an aesthetic procedure dear to celebrities. On social media, the 49-year-old singer also showed that he made a lip filling and put contact tooth in the teeth. The result of all these procedures was praised by the fans. “It is younger than a cell phone,” joked a follower. “It was more beautiful than it already was,” commented another. “Very top,” added one more.