Solange denies romance with Nego do Borel in A Fazenda 13: ‘This is ridiculous’


Solange Gomes denied having had any romantic involvement with Nego do Borel before A Fazenda 13. On the morning of Thursday (23), the ex-muse of Tuba do Gugu changed the conversation when she heard jokes from some pedestrians detailing the supposed stay between them. “This is ridiculous,” she snapped.

The conversation began when Mileide Mihaile called Solange “maria fifi” for having revealed a supposed combination of some participants to form couples since before the beginning of the reality. “I’m nothing! Just because I said that? I said it because the public needed to know”, he justified.

“The farm radio told me that you and Borel were a couple,” joked Victor Pecoraro. “True, I also caught loose ends,” reinforced Mussunzinho. “I heard that too,” added Tati Quebra Barraco. “And there was a thing about taking a car, wasn’t there?”, asked Mussum’s son (1941-1994).

“There was!” confirmed Pecoraro. “That’s ridiculous! Me, huh? You stop making this stuff up, stop making it up,” Solange scolded, laughing.

supposed affair

On Wednesday night (22), TV Fama revealed that Solange and Nego do Borel had had an affair in the past. The actress’s daughter, Stephanie Gomes, said she didn’t know about the physical involvement and thought they had just been flirting.

The advisor to the ex-Banheira do Gugu, Thiago Sarmento, confirmed that the two stayed once, at an event in the Borel community, in Rio de Janeiro, in 2016.

However, sources of TV news they stated that Nego was never involved with Solange and that she was the one who ran after him. The actress would have charged a fee of R$ 500 to attend the community event and left the singer angry with her delay.

In her biography, Solange Gomes – No Regrets, the muse revealed several affairs with famous people, including Arthur Aguiar, but did not even mention Nego do Borel among them.

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