Son of Murilo Benício and Giovanna Antonelli rejects acting career


The 16-year-old son of Murilo Benício and Giovanna Antonelli, Pietro, does not want to pursue an acting career. Introduced as the “son of the Clone”, During Altas Horas this Saturday (9), the teenager firmly ruled out the possibility of repeating his parents’ profession.

“I’m very uncertain, there are many things I’m interested in. He won’t be an actor, I’ll tell you right away, but I don’t know what I’m going to do yet,” he said, when asked about his professional future by Serginho Groisman.

Murilo celebrated the fact that his son rejects the career that he and his ex-wife follow. “We even feel a little relieved, right? Because it’s so difficult, so complicated, that we even feel relieved”, commented the teenager’s father.

Giovanna Antonelli changed the subject and remembered when her son watched O Clone for the first time. “Hey, son, remember when you were a little boy once you showed O Clone and then I went to show you, you had never seen a soap opera, and then you saw your father and mother together. Do you remember?”, asked the eternal Jade.

“You were all moved, you cried. Then one day you said: ‘Mom, I can’t stand to see this soap opera. I get very emotional, I need to stop watching it. Do you remember that?”, recalled Giovanna, who even managed to pull one out. program holder’s response. “Really cute,” said Serginho Groisman.


Giovanna and Benício with their son

tight skirt

In the attraction, Serginho put the teenager in an embarrassing situation in front of his parents by asking who is more fun.

“You put me in a snooker…”, said Pietro. Murilo Benício, then, joined the game and tried to defend the teenager. “He will say that I am more fun and that she is more cheerful,” replied the actor.

Pietro came out of the tight skirt with a joke. “As my mother is here, I’ll answer this question later. Leave it for another one,” said the teenager, slipping away.