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Spit the falsehood accusation: Recall fights from the Holiday with the Ex


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The union between celebrities, vacations in a paradisiacal place and the return of former affectionate companions are the basic ingredients of De Férias with Ex Brasil: Celebs, MTV reality and Prime Video that debuts its new season this Thursday (8) ) at 9:30 pm. In the first year of the attraction, shown in 2019, the celebrities starred in fights with the right to spit, accusations of falsehood, among other confusions.

Stéfani Bays, who entered A Fazenda 12 after the projection achieved in the format of making out, was one of the participants who was most involved in controversies during the attraction of pay TV. She spat a piece of cucumber at Leo Picon during a failed flirtation attempt and fought with Fabio Beltrão after overhearing a comment about being fake.

Lipe Ribeiro, Anitta’s current affair, was also involved in confusion during her stay in Trancoso, Bahia. At the time, he was still labeled a “junk boy” by viewers because of his attitudes towards women during previous stints on MTV realities.

The production also surprised the influencer by casting Yá Burihan, a participant in the third season of the attraction and his ex-fiancee, to resolve the disagreements with the former lover in front of the cameras. Remember five confusions of the first season of De Férias with Ex Brasil: Celebs.

Flirt with cucumber

At the beginning of the season, Stéfani and Leo took advantage of a party of the program together, when the veteran decided to taste the influencer’s drink and started the flirtation. Picon soon cut off the onslaught, but the ex-paoa jokingly went on, bit a piece of the cucumber that was in the drink and spat on the boy, giving rise to discord. Gossip spread throughout the house, which altered the spirits of those confined.

Fake do c…

MC Mirella’s former ally also became stressed after Fabio tried to disrupt her flirtation with Bruno Toledo. The brunette soon alerted the actor, but he followed up with the criticism and shot: “You are doing it, right? Fucking fake!”. Lipe came to the defense of Leonardo’s interpreter in Topíssima (2019), which further angered Stéfani, who even threw bottles and glass cups into the discussion.

Ignorant answer?

Biel Romano was praised for preparing pasta with sauce for his colleagues, but the intrigue began after Rafa Porto suggested that Cinthia Cruz’s former affair should have prepared the meal in greater quantities. The youtuber countered the statement, and the singer assessed the comment as an ignorant attitude. The blonde vented to Hana Khalil, who stressed and went to get satisfaction from Biel.

‘Scrotum machista’

After a troubled relationship in the third season, Lipe was criticized by women and the public for the way he treated Yá during the episodes. After a conversation with the ex-couple, Any Borges decided to open his friend’s eyes about the carioca’s behavior and shouted: “A scrotum man will no longer pass me, my friend is blind and she will wake up in this shit”.

Friends or rivals?

After a joke, Cinthia said that Stéfani was very “stressed” during activities. The veteran did not like the comment, shouted at other confined people and decided to observe a conversation between Hana, her friend in the game, the ex-chiquitita and Mirela Janis. What appeared to be a simple dialogue was interpreted by the digital influencer as a betrayal of the partnership between them, which resulted in a new shouting and another broken glass in the house.

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