Summary of In Times of the Emperor: Chapters for the week 10-11 to 16


Second, 10/11 (Chapter 55)
Tonico is revolted when he sees Pedro cheered by the people. Candida is suspicious of Samuel and Zayla’s behavior. Pedro decides to expel Christie from Brazil and break the country’s relations with England. Zayla threatens Guebo. Luísa advises Samuel not to give up on the love of his life.

Dolores seeks out Pilar as a doctor and says she will never forgive her as a sister. Isabel and Leopoldina argue with Teresa about Augusto and Gastão. Vitória is thrilled to find the mummies in Lota’s land. Leopoldina assures Luísa that he won’t marry. Tonico weapon to bring Nino closer to Celestina. Leopoldina confesses that she always knew about the connection between Luísa and Pedro.

Tuesday, 10/12 (Chapter 56)
Leopoldina demands that Luísa convince Pedro to give up marrying her. Dumas, Gastão and Augusto arrive at Luísa’s house. Nicolau warns Celestina about Nino. Lupita assures Batista that she found out how to get rid of Lota. Tonico humiliates Dolores.

Dumas reveals to Teresa, Pedro and Luísa that both Gastão and Augusto believe they will marry Isabel. Leopoldina makes insinuations about Luísa to Isabel. Guebo tells Samuel that he kissed Zayla. Tonico admires Zayla. Nelio praises Dolores. Jamil and Guebo’s gang rob Borges. Pilar is hit by a shot from Borges.

Wednesday, 10/13 (Chapter 57)
Samuel comes to Pilar and accuses Borges. Dolores has a bad feeling. Teresa insinuates to Pedro about Dumas and Luisa. The Mother tells Samuel about Pilar’s condition, and Guebo comforts his friend. Tonico stops Dolores from visiting Pilar in the hospital. Zayla questions Samuel about his feelings for Pilar.

Lota says she will only give up the mummies if she becomes a baroness. Pilar’s surgery ends, and Samuel declares himself to the girl. Madame Lambert worries about Zayla. Pedro, Teresa, Luísa and Dumas explain to Gastão and Augusto that anyone who does not marry Isabel will be able to join Leopoldina. Samuel confesses to Zayla that he loves Pilar.

Thursday, 10/14 (Chapter 58)
Zayla despairs, and Samuel says he can no longer marry the girl. To please Teresa, Pedro agrees to grant Lota the title of baroness in exchange for the mummies. Luísa guarantees that Isabel will choose Gastão. Enraged, Zayla swears Samuel and Pilar won’t be together. Quinzinho and Lupita prepare their plan to get rid of Lota.

Tonico provokes Samuel and Luísa tells her friend that it’s better to forget about the past. Celestina blurts out some information to Nino. Nélio comforts Dolores and says that Pilar is out of danger. Pedro introduces the city to Gastão and Augusto. Dumas catches Luísa, who was leaving to meet Pedro. Pilar awakens and Samuel declares himself to his beloved.

Friday, 10/15 (Chapter 59)
Samuel and Pilar resume their romance. Pedro gets annoyed when he deduces that Luisa will not go to meet him. Pilar is surprised when Samuel claims that it was Borges who shot her. Teresa listens when Pedro and Luísa argue on behalf of Dumas. Nino manages to get even closer to Celestina, and Tonico praises him.

Nélio is bothered by the presence of Bernardinho in Tonico’s office. In disguise, Quinzinho introduces himself as a Lota teacher. Vitória takes care of Prisca and Hilário. Zayla provokes Pilar. Lota is interested in Quinzinho, and Lupita sets up the baroness. Tonico questions Justina about Jorge.

Saturday, 10/16 (Chapter 60)
Justina alerts Samuel, and Luísa worries about her friend’s life. Pedro announces that Isabel will choose her husband. Tonico ironizes Pedro. Batista and Lupita celebrate the success of the plan against Lota. Isabel and Leopoldina meet Gastão and Augusto. Pilar is discharged from the hospital and everyone celebrates. Zayla tells Guebo that he’s forgetting Samuel, and kisses him.

Dumas insinuates to Luisa that Pedro is jealous of her. Leopoldina provokes Isabel, Gastão and Augusto and agrees to dance with Bernardinho. Lupita advises Nélio to invest in Dolores. Isabel is enchanted by Gastão, and Teresa doesn’t like it. Zayla listens as Olu talks to Candida about Samuel’s fake manumission letter.

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