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Summary of the soap opera Império: Chapters from April 12th to 17th


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Second, 12/4 (Chapter 1)
The Commander takes Maria Clara to Monte Roraima and remembers her story. José Alfredo arrives at the home of his brother Evaldo. Cora complains to her sister Eliane about the presence of her brother-in-law. José Alfredo is interested in Eliane and Cora is suspicious. Eliane becomes pregnant and Cora convinces her sister to give up running away with José Alfredo. Evaldo discovers the case between his brother and his wife.

Cora tells José Alfredo that her sister is pregnant. Sebastião meets José Alfredo and calls him to work with him in a mining. Cora invents a lie and convinces Evaldo of Eliane’s innocence.

Mustache warns that he is the new gold digger. José Alfredo sees Bigode attack Sebastião and shoots at the garimpeiro. Sebastião dies and leaves his fortune to José Alfredo. Eliane follows her life with Evaldo. José Alfredo goes to Zurich and receives a proposal from Maria Joaquina to work with her in Sebastião’s place.

Tuesday, 4/13 (Chapter 2)
José Alfredo starts to smuggle diamonds. Cora insists on talking to Eliane about her brother-in-law. Maria Marta discovers that she has lost her fortune. José Alfredo finds great wealth in the safe that Sebastião left for him. Maria Marta accepts the help of José Alfredo. José Alfredo reveals to Maria Marta that he works with the illegal diamond trade.

Eliane gives birth to Cristina. José Alfredo asks Maria Marta to marry on learning of her pregnancy. Eliane becomes pregnant again and Evaldo goes out to celebrate with friends. Evaldo dies in an accident. A gold digger finds a large pink diamond. Eliane starts working as a street vendor.

José Alfredo sees Eliane. Eliane tries to talk to José Alfredo, but is shocked to see him kiss his wife. Maria Clara is born, the second daughter of José Alfredo and Maria Marta. José Alfredo goes to the mining in Monte Roraima. Maria Marta goes to the hospital to give birth to her third child, João Lucas.

Wednesday, 4/14 (Chapter 3)
Maria Joaquina tells José Alfredo that she will help him build his empire. José Alfredo and Maria Marta are thinking about building their mansion and opening their new company. Eliane gets a kiosk at the camelódromo. José Alfredo arrives at Monte Roraima and is shot by the police.

Josué manages to take José Alfredo from Monte Roraima and take him to a doctor. Eliane opens her kiosk. Marta dislikes Joshua and takes her husband home. Cora keeps a news story about José Alfredo in an album with several clippings about her sister’s brother-in-law.

There is a passage of time. At the 20th anniversary celebration of the Império jewelry store, Maria Marta and José Alfredo argue. Cristina and Elivaldo berate Eliane for not seeking care for her illness. Reginaldo warns that Tuane is fighting in court to see Victor and Eliane is sick. Cristina tells the family that the mother has a terminal illness. João Lucas argues with Maria Marta. Vicente returns to Rio de Janeiro.

Thursday, 4/15 (Chapter 4)
João Lucas tells José Pedro that Maria Clara is going with José Alfredo to Monte Roraima. Téo Pereira falls out with Cláudio and demands that Erika discover his secrets. Vicente sees Cristina and Fernando together and is disappointed. José Alfredo meets Maria Isis. Elivaldo drinks at the kiosk. José Pedro runs over a drunk man on the road.

João Lucas goes after Maria Marta in the church and the two argue. José Pedro tells his mother about the man he ran over on the road. Elivaldo decides to sleep at the kiosk. Maria Marta invents an alibi for José Pedro. Lorraine sees José Pedro at the police station. João Lucas finds his brother’s car abandoned and is stopped in a blitz.

Silvano tells Maria Marta that her youngest son has been arrested. Magnólia and Severo go to Maria Isis’ house to get money. Vicente sees Victor, Cristina and Fernando together. Tuane looks for Elivaldo. Cora shows Eliane the album she made for José Alfredo. Maria Marta arrives at Monte Roraima.

Friday, 4/16 (Chapter 5)
José Alfredo is furious with the presence of Maria Marta. João Lucas suffers from the delay of his family to release him from prison. Cora convinces Eliane to see José Alfredo’s album. Reginaldo scolds Tuane for disobeying his orders. Vicente is looking for a job. Lorraine thinks about blackmailing Maria Marta. José Alfredo reveals to Maria Marta that he has a lover.

José Pedro asks Du to testify in favor of João Lucas. Elivaldo decides to sleep another night at his mother’s kiosk. Marcão tells Elivaldo that a couple will also sleep in one of the kiosks. Enrico hires Vicente. Victor asks to sleep with Cristina. Eliane’s kiosk starts to catch fire.

Maria Marta follows José Alfredo to a cave and sees him stirring a treasure. Elivaldo and the couple are trapped in their kiosks with the camelódromo on fire. Maria Marta hides and waits for José Alfredo to leave the cave. Cristina receives news of the fire at the kiosk. Elivaldo is arrested and Cristina goes to the police station. Maria Marta manages to return to the camp. João Lucas is frightened by the prisoners.

Saturday, 4/17 (Chapter 6)
Cora argues with Eliane and insists that she tell Cristina that she is the daughter of José Alfredo. Robertão goes to Maria Isis’s house. Cora imitates Eliane’s handwriting and writes a letter to Cristina. Cora makes sure of her sister’s death and calls an ambulance.

Enrico likes Vicente’s animation. José Alfredo demands that the lawyer release João Lucas. Cora hands Cristina the letter she wrote on behalf of Eliane. Cora tidies up Eliane’s room and takes it as her own. Du watches José Alfredo arrive at the police station. Danielle assures José Pedro that he will be José Alfredo’s successor. Maria Clara and Enrico mark the wedding date.

Érika comments to Téo that Cláudio takes night trips. Cristina decides to look for Eliane’s alleged letter. Cora makes a scandal during her sister’s wake and Xana notices her pretense. Lorraine decides to speak to Maria Marta. José Pedro questions José Alfredo about the company’s succession. Elivaldo attacks a prisoner in jail. Cristina finds Eliane’s false letter.

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