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Summary of the soap opera Save Yourself: Chapters of the week from April 12 to 17


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Second, 4/12 (Chapter 19)
Alexia proposes to Luna and Kyra that they follow Renzo and report him to the Federal Police. Renzo pretends to want to meet Dominique’s friends. Tarantino explains to Tammy that the two will not be together anymore. Agnes encourages Bia to live normally with the pacemaker. The doctor advises Téo to do spine surgery, but the boy is afraid of the risks.

Vicky fears that Helena does not like to see Luna / Fiona working at the restaurant and asks her friend to hide. Luna is surprised to learn that Téo is Helena’s son. Helena and Ursula disrupt Luna / Fiona. Helena faces Luna / Fiona and has a strange feeling.

Téo invites Luna / Fiona to be his physiotherapist. Kyra tells Luna that Téo is the director of the soap opera Alexia was going to do. Zezinho catches Luna talking to Juan on the computer. Alan tries to save Kyra / Cleyde from his children’s frames and they kiss each other without meaning to.

Tuesday, 4/13 (Chapter 20)
Kyra / Cleyde asks Ignácio for help to win over Alan’s children. Luna confesses to Zezinho and Ermelinda that she is working for Helena. Alan appreciates the way Kyra / Cleyde talks to the children. Dionice tells Bia that Tarantino broke up with Tammy. Bia fears being rejected by Tarantino because of her pacemaker.

Renzo tells Lúcia that he will help Rafael to raise Labrador again. Kyra is afraid that Rafael will forget her and return to Renatinha. Veronica praises Micaela’s competence. Zezinho tells Luna that she will have to leave the Protection Program. Alexia and Kyra see when Renzo and Dominique approach the club’s entrance.

Wednesday, 4/14 (Chapter 21)
Kyra and Alexia manage to hide from Renzo and Dominique. Luna asks Zezinho and Ermelinda to continue with them. Petra complains about the recordings of the soap opera with the producer. Zezinho and Ermelinda repent and go after Luna, with Alexia and Kyra.

Luna returns home and tells her friends about her new job. Alexia says that she and Kyra obtained a copy of Renzo’s identity for Zezinho to inform the Federal Police. Zezinho declares himself to Alexia.

Thursday, 4/15 (Chapter 22)
Alexia is touched by Zezinho’s declaration of love. Kyra assumes that Luna is in love with Téo. Veronica pretends to like Micaela. Dionice helps Tarantino to plan a romantic dinner for Bia. Zezinho arms so that the Federal Police do not realize that they are in São Paulo. Bia and Tarantino kiss.

Alexia tells Ivo that she and her friends have discovered the names of the bandits who killed Vitorio. Petra is upset by Alan’s excitement about Kyra / Cleyde. Rafael finds out that Labrador’s money is gone. Ivo surprises Alexia, Luna and Kyra by saying that he already knew about Dominique and Renzo. Alexia looks bad for staying in the Protection Program.

Friday, 4/16 (Chapter 23)
Luna scolds Alexia and Kyra in front of Ivo. Rafael is desperate with the theft in the company. Luna comments to Ermelinda that she believes that Ivo did not realize that they are in São Paulo. Renzo threatens an executive at Dominique’s behest. Tarantino is upset by Alan’s lack of attention.

Alexia assures Zezinho that she doesn’t love him. Ermelinda reminds Luna of not using the chain near Téo. Ursula comments to Helena that Téo is different. Lucia finds a gun in Renzo’s closet and questions the boy. Helena catches Luna / Fiona fiddling with her Virgin of Guadalupe.

Saturday, 4/17 (Chapter 24)
Helena scolds Luna / Fiona and asks her to leave her home. Dominique argues with Lúcia in front of Renzo. Alexia / Josimara tells Rafael that he will prepare a spiritual session for him to talk to Kyra. Renzo tells Lúcia that she will help Rafael. Helena comments to Ursula that Luna / Fiona intrigues her.

Téo tells Luna / Fiona how he saved a girl in Mexico’s hurricane, without knowing that he is in front of her. Juan makes it clear to Gabi that he will always love Luna. Petra does not like to know that Alan will host a dinner for Kyra / Cleyde to get to know the lawyer’s children better.

Luna confesses to Ermelinda that she is feeling something for Téo. Alexia tells Kyra about the problems Rafael faces. Zezinho kisses Bel to provoke Alexia / Josimara.

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