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Taís Araújo highlights the good side of BBB21 discussions: ‘We are not all the same’


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Taís Araújo gave his opinion on the discussions provided by BBB21 in an interview with the TV show Roda Viva, on TV Cultura, this Monday (8). “I thought what happened at Big Brother, for the black community, good. For us to understand the following: there is not only one type of black person. Not even a person. We are not all the same, we are not a single mass, we are people with thoughts different, “said the actress from Amor de Mãe.

The matter came up after the presenter Vera Magalhães questioned her about the fact that “many black people stay in an unpleasant place, triggering a rain of collections” at Big Brother Brasil.

In the current edition of the reality show, two black participants broke records for wall rejection: Karol Conká, eliminated with 99.17% of the votes, and Nego Di, with 98.76%. Lumena Aleluia also said goodbye to the reality show with low popularity.

“I saw Big Brother a lot this season. I saw everything that happened there. [leva as mãos à cabeça]. There, everything happened, we looked and said: ‘Look at the size of the hole of these people’. Emotional, really. Nobody acts like they did there if they don’t have a very deep emotional hole, “said Taís.

In the sequence, he quoted the specific speech of a participant: “Lumena is there talking to the gym. I think we have to broaden this look to this Big Brother. The balance of this is that people understand that we are different, because the the tendency is to put everyone in the same bag, and that takes away our humanity “.

“Is there a type of militant? Is there a unique, specific military way, a pattern, a primer? No, it doesn’t exist. I understand when people say: ‘Ah, empty it [a discussão]’. But I think that we need to broaden this view and see what we gain from it “, he concludes.

Check out the full interview of Taís Araújo for Roda Viva below:

Mother’s love

Currently, Taís Araújo plays Vitória, one of the protagonists of Amor de Mãe, together with Regina Casé (Lourdes) and Adriana Esteves (Thelma). The soap opera of nine will have new chapters on Globo from next Monday (15).

Regarding the changes in his character, Lázaro Ramos’ wife highlights: “A lot of beautiful things come from Vitória. I swore that my story was ending. Manuela was so smart to close the story of this character, because she is a character that basically has a story of beautiful redemption through motherhood. “

“At the same time, she was a brilliant professional. So she spent a lot of time focused on motherhood. So, where is this professional? In a pandemic, this professional is reborn from a very beautiful place. I’m going to spoil here now: defending the women who are suffering domestic violence, which increased a lot during the pandemic period. We talk about it “, he continues.

Taís also mentioned the current situation in Brazil in the pandemic: “We are living in a horror movie. When we started recording again, we had a false hope, I said: ‘I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel’. But I would never expect that we would be here in March with numbers much worse than we were at the end of the year. 260 thousand dead “.

Relationship with Lázaro Ramos

“Our relationship improved after she got much worse during the pandemic. Very serious, to the point of saying, ‘Man, it won’t happen. I want to move my kids to a two-bedroom apartment.’ I was seriously wondering what it would be like. that it wasn’t going to happen, it was very difficult. Then the work reconnected us “, she recalled, citing the work next to her husband in Amor e Sorte.

Trauma with nudity

Taís Araújo also addressed traumas at the beginning of his career, especially in Xica da Silva (1996), a soap opera by Manchete that was directed by Walter Avancini (1935-2001).

“Thinking about my work, for a long time I was exposed to nudity. It may be that it has to do with all my modesty. I also have a lot of nudity history in my career. I have certain traumas for sure, which is also part of deconstruction “, he reported.

“Sometimes I see pictures of me that I don’t know how my mom let me do. Photos that I’m ashamed to post, you see a girl holding her breast. I think my mom had no idea, she thought it was part of the deal, from work. She was there beside me, all the time, I think I had a false image that this was part of the process. If we go back in the 1990s, what we saw as a woman’s exposure was crazy “, concluded the actress.

Government and culture in Brazil

“We are in a very complicated moment, right? I think we are living a nightmare, really. The audiovisual, theater, culture, as a whole, is very powerful, communicates a lot, stimulates critical sense, provokes, criticizes, promotes If you don’t want any of this, it becomes a target “, commented Taís Araújo.

Then, the actress from Amor de Mãe concluded: “Culture has become a very serious target, because it is very potent. Nobody is safe from criticism, and it doesn’t even have to be, especially the government, which works for us – or it should So you can’t not want to be criticized, otherwise you’re in the wrong place, it wasn’t appropriate for that place. “

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