Taís Araujo is surprised by Masked Singer: ‘I didn’t think it would be a phenomenon’


With The Masked Singer Brasil’s semifinal about to air, Taís Araujo confesses that he was surprised by the success that the reality show had on Globo. Fixed judge of the show, the actress says she is having a lot of fun. “I didn’t think it was going to be the phenomenon it is,” he admits.

On Tuesdays since the second week of August, the show has been prompting audiences to guess who the famous under the costumes are. The hunches yield several interactions on social media — including with the judges, since the attraction is already fully recorded.

“[O sucesso] Surprised me. I thought people would like it, but I didn’t think it would be the phenomenon it is”, confesses Taís in conversation with TV news. For her, the reason for success is the lightness of the format. “We need to have so much fun, so much to be light, and the program brings that”, he assesses.

Lázaro Ramos’ wife is judged alongside Rodrigo Lombardi, Simone Mendes and Eduardo Sterbitch. The quartet’s mission is to try to guess who owns each performance from the tips provided and the voice, and choose a participant to unmask at the end of the program.

The judges’ hunches, however, are humorous and almost always turn into a big joke. “You don’t have the commitment to get absolutely anything right, you just have to be happy. It’s like a game with our family,” sums up the artist.

Despite the hoopla, the judges hit names like Sandra de Sá (who was Girassol), Marrone (the Boi-Bumbá), and Sérgio Loroza (the Astronaut). In addition to these, Sidney Magal, Renata Ceribelli, Marcelinho Carioca and Alexandre Borges have already been unmasked.

There are only five competitors left in the dispute: Jacaré, Arara, Gata Espelhada, Monstro and Unicórnio. The semifinal will air this Tuesday (5), after the telenovela Império.