Tânia Mara declares support for Tiago in ‘A Fazenda 13’: ‘My beautiful farmer’ – Prime Time Zone


Singer lived an affair with the countryman who became a topic after undergoing penile augmentation surgery

Reproduction/Instagram/tiago.hugoetiago/taniamaraoficial/14.09.2021Tânia Mara is cheering for Tiago, who will participate in ‘A Fazenda 13’

The singer Tania Mara, who lived a relationship with the singer Tiago Piquilo, is cheering for the countryman who has already been confirmed in “The Farm 13”. “Fans for my beautiful farmer! Break it down, love”, commented the artist in the Instagram publication in which Tiago confirms his participation in the reality of Record. In the caption, he wrote: “And it’s not like I’m going to put on my hat and go to ‘The Farm’. It’s official, one more big challenge ahead, I count on your support and affection”. THE Young pan he sought out Tânia Mara’s advisors to find out if the couple would have resumed their relationship, but he still hasn’t got a return. The new season of the reality show opens this Tuesday, 14, and will have a presentation by Adriane Galisteu.

It is worth remembering that, in July, Tiago, who is a partner with Hugo, posted a video on social networks denying the rumors that arose at the time that Tânia had blocked him after a fight. He also denied that the penile augmentation surgery he performed would have been the trigger for a possible termination. “From the first moment, we always talked about the surgery. She was the first person to know,” he declared in the video. At the time, the countryman did not make it clear if he was still dating the singer, who was already married to director Jayme Monjardim. “Tânia de Tiago’s story, whether they’re talking or not, whether we’re seeing each other or not, I think it’s an intimacy that right now, regardless of cameras, we need to analyze, think straight and understand all this mess. If it works, it worked and if it doesn’t, it’s because it wasn’t meant to be.”

Tânia Mara's comment on Tiago's publication

Tânia Mara commented on Tiago’s publication – Source: Reproduction/Instagram/tiago.hugoetiago