Tatá Werneck answers questions from fans and comments on Paulo Gustavo: ‘It’s improving a lot’ – Prime Time Zone


Always good-humored, comedian talked about daughter Clara, career and made fun of even with personal issues

Playback / MultishowIn addition to talking about his friend, Tatá amused fans by commenting on the most diverse subjects

A humorist Tata Werneck opened a box of questions in the stories on its official Instagram page to answer fans’ questions. Always in a good mood, Tatá talked about her daughter Clara, her career and made fun of even the personal issues of others. In addition, she commented on the state of health of the also comedian Paulo Gustavo, hospitalized since March 13 with Covid-19. “Paulo is improving a lot, thanks to God, the beloved Jesus and the doctors, obviously. Thanks for the prayers, people. It is really reaching out to him, ”said Tatá. Five days ago, Paulo’s husband, doctor Thales Bretas, also stated that his companion would be improving. “I am closer to your return home every day. […] I’ve been feeling it for two days [alegria de Paulo] again at the hospital, with their little interactions, reinforcing how close we are to each other, on the road of life! In health and in sickness, in joy and in sadness… nothing will separate us, we are firmly holding hands! I love you my warrior, partner of life, waiting for your return in our family! With a lot of faith and calm! ”, He wrote.

In addition to talking about his friend, Tatá amused fans by commenting on the most diverse subjects. When answering if she had pierced Clara’s one-year-old daughter’s ear, the comedian replied: “We do not drill for her to decide whether she wants to drill or not. She may not want to have an earring, she may not even want to talk to me anymore, let’s see, ”he said. “Is it true that if Clara were a boy she would be called Miguel?” Asked one person. “She would be called Chlorine,” joked Tatá. Another answer that was successful on the internet was Tatá’s assumption about who would win “Big Brother Brasil 2021”. According to her, the first place would be Juliette, followed by Gilberto e Lucas stretcher.

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